Living Healthier with Lychee Fruit

Living Healthier with Lychee Fruit

Have you heard of lychee fruit and what it can do for our bodies?

Our bodies are wondrous machines in that when we provide them with the correct vitamins and nutrients, they will endure and combat the environment we live in.

From regenerating cells to cleansing our bodies of unwanted toxins, our bodies are truly amazing. One such fruit that we have the choice to eat is lychee. Deemed a super fruit by some, lychee fruit has many health benefits for our bodies.

Here we have collected just a taste of how lychee fruit can benefit you and the easiest way to consume lychee.

What is Lychee Fruit?

While lychee fruit is grown domestically in Hawaii and Florida, it is a tropical fruit that indigenous to China. Red in color, lychee fruit grow in heart-shaped silhouettes. They have a tough, inedible, yet thin rind that peels relatively easily. Once through the tough exterior, the lychee fruit has a whitish, juicy flesh that surrounds hard, brown pits.

Lychee has a subtle yet appealing, scented taste and is very sweet. They are very low in fat and sodium and get most of their calories from the natural sugar they contain within them. While it is possible to purchase canned lychee fruit, it is best for all types of fruits to eat fresh to get the maximum health benefits from lychee.*

Excellent Source of Vitamin C

When most people think of vitamin C, they automatically think of eating oranges. However lychee fruit is very high in Vitamin C. If you were to consume 100 grams of lychee fruit, you would get more than 100 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements.

There are many things that vitamin C does for our bodies, it helps to prevent bleeding, thus improving the speed at which our bodies can heal wounds. Vitamin C helps to build collagen in the body, the fibrous protein in our bodies that connects and supports other bodily tissues.

Studies are showing the potential for vitamin C to contribute to cardiovascular health and improve general life expectancy. One topic that is still being debated, as the data from various studies are mixed, is the consumption of large quantities of vitamin C as a way to prevent and treat minor infections such as the common cold.*

Lychee Fruit Provides B Vitamins

Lychee provides us with an excellent source of vitamin B6 and riboflavin. Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2 is an essential nutrient for human health.

Riboflavin is essential for breaking down food components, absorbing other nutrients, and maintaining tissue. Our bodies need riboflavin (vitamin B2) to help break down proteins, fats, and other carbohydrates. It plays a vital role in maintaining our body’s energy supply.

The vitamin B6 provided by lychee plays a key role in protein and glucose metabolism, as well as the manufacturing of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the component of red blood cells that carries oxygen. Vitamin B6 also is involved in maintaining lymph nodes, thymus, and spleen. This also results in stronger and healthier immune systems and antibody production.*

More than Just Vitamins

Along with vitamins for sustained health, our bodies also require essential minerals. Lychee fruit provides our bodies with two essential minerals, copper and potassium. Potassium plays many roles within our bodies. But one of the potassium’s critical roles is the regulation of our hearts. It also plays a role in the development and building of other muscles and tissues.*

Copper, like vitamin B6, plays an important role in the formation of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Thus the right amounts of both copper and vitamin B6 are important for overall circulatory health.*

Small Fruit Packs a Powerful Antioxidant Punch

Also known as phenolic compounds, polyphenols are naturally occurring chemicals that act as antioxidants. The health benefits of polyphenols are still being debated as clinical studies have mixed results. While the lab tests are very positive, the effectiveness of these compounds in humans is still mixed.

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