Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

Before understanding mangosteen juice’s health benefits, we feel it is important to understand just what and where this powerful superfruit comes from.

Indigenous to Indonesia, the mangosteen fruit grows on an evergreen tree. With its hard dark rind, then mangosteen has a citrus flavoring yet has the texture of a peach. While mango is in the name of mangosteen, they are completely unrelated fruits. The mangosteen is commonly used for remedies of various types in its native land and cultures.

Mangosteen juice is the most common method of selling and consuming mangosteen in the United States. There are even some types of juices that blend mangosteen juice with other fruits to pack more nutritional value into the juice. The best of these types of juices is TriFusion Max, as it combines the health benefits of mangosteen with that of Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Lychee Fruit, Pomegranate, and Gac Fruit. In one juice there are four of the world’s super fruits.

Mangosteen Juice Supports Healthy Gums

In line with the research that is being conducted on the reduction of systemic inflammation, mangosteen, and mangosteen juice is being studied for their health benefits in supporting healthy gums. While these studies are still in their preliminary stages, they are very promising.

Scientists were studying mangosteen as a possible remedy for the gum disease known as periodontitis. The study was released in the publication “Complementary Therapies in Medicine” and reported that the patients that received and applied a gel to their gums that contained mangosteen juice to their gums improved more than patients that did not receive the gel.

While both groups also received the standard treatment for periodontitis, the control group that received the mangosteen juice gel, all showed more improvement. The conclusion of the scientists was that mangosteen juice help in the treatment of periodontitis and could eventually become a helpful accompaniment to more traditional periodontal treatments.

Mangosteen Juice Antioxidant Properties

The main purpose of antioxidants is to fight and eliminate free radicals. Free radicals cause cellular damage and they have been implicated in the development of heart disease and certain types of cancer. There is no way to stop the formation of free radicals as they occur naturally in our bodies. Free radicals are produced as our bodies break down food, but they are more commonly created from environmental factors that our bodies are subjected to like tobacco smoke, radiation, and pollution.

Having high levels of antioxidants in our bodies helps to quickly eliminate free radicals and mangosteen juice contains some of the most potent antioxidants. These potent antioxidants found in mangosteen juice are called xanthones. While xanthones are found in some other tropical fruits, nothing is richer in xanthone content than mangosteen.

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