Who Made Entrepreneurship Sexy?

Who Made Entrepreneurship Sexy
[adinserter block=”12″]We currently live in a society that has not only has, but demands instant information on any topic we choose. We have the ability to look-up and reference information from literally anywhere on earth. We are so connected there are even businesses selling vacation packages guaranteed to have you disconnected and switched off. How did we get to this point?

Products, ideas, services all we never dreamed of, yet here they are, an integral part of our lives and for some of us, we can’t live without them. Where did they come from? They came from the minds of what we used to call inventors, now referred to as entrepreneurs.

“What is now proved was once only imagin’d” ~W. Blake

We refer to inventors in a past tense not because they no longer exist, but simply because everyone is referred to as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneur are household words that up until 20 years ago, were a strange words many people vaguely know anything about. Entrepreneurs were those dreamers who wanted their own business and floundered and tinkered with ideas with the hope one would take off and make them rich.

Today we know it to be much different. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. While we still have the traditional entrepreneurs who develop brand new ideas, bring them to market and flourish, we now have millions of other entrepreneurs who are using other new-age methods to swim in the entrepreneurship pool.

The internet, one of mankind’s greatest inventions (behind the printing press of course) is allowing individuals to start home businesses while continuing their current employment activities. Through business models such as network marketing, a business can be started with a proven business model, then grown into a substantial income.

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Even network marketing is growing faster now than ever before, partly because of our desire to become entrepreneurs, but there is more. There now exists a much different stigma of who an entrepreneur is, almost a sexy feel to the being called an entrepreneur. So who made this term so popular and so sexy? The stress and anxiety of being in business for yourself is not a turn-on more than a turn-off. How did this come to be?

Holly Magister answers this question in her article on Forbes.com, The 4 People Who Made Entrepreneurship Sexy. From people like Bill Gates to Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg to Barbara Corcoran, they have taken entrepreneurship to new levels.

While everyone is in business for themselves in the world of entrepreneurship, it does not mean you cannot learn vast amounts from those who have come before you. Take some time now to read Holly’s article.

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