When Are You Too Old to Start a Business?

When Are You Too Old for Entrepreneurship
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Trick question! You are never too old to start your own business as you will see.

The global economy today has millions of people stepping into the world of entrepreneurship while leaving the title of employee well behind them. The majority of the time, becoming an entrepreneur is out of necessity, whether loss of job or major lifestyle change has warranted the shift, or it could be the development of a new product that is being brought to market.

Proceeding with launching your own business does not have any age restrictions. The only restrictions that are put on the business will be the self-imposed variety. We know you have heard them before; “I can’t do this“, “I’m too old for this“, etc.

Choosing what type of business venture you want to start and being successful with it do not get any easier with age, but understanding that your age is not a limitation is important. For many people by the time they reach their late 50’s they are set in their ways and fall into the stereotype that they are in the wind-down stages of their careers. Any major change to what they might do for a living is unheard off and preposterous. They must simply continue what they are doing, top up their retirement accounts and get ready to for retirement like every one else.

So what happens when that plan is not something you choose to do?

Sharyn White, a 64 year young Australian is a great example of what happens when you don’t want to conform with the normal path individuals at her age do. See Sharyn decided to start her own business and as you will see has been very successful with what she launched.

Read Sharyn’s full story here.

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We continue to see individuals of all ages start their entrepreneurial careers on a daily basis. Some, like Sharyn have a product they want to bring to market, many others simply want to start a business in an existing business structure. If you are one of the individuals who are looking for a business model that you can start, contact Engineered Lifestyles as we can help.

What you tell yourself on a daily basis is what you will receive in your life. Your desire for wanting more will allow you to develop the business and lifestyle you want.

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