What Makes Money So Sexy?

2 Reasons Money is So Sexy

Is it physical or sociological power that money has over us?

Whether you are male or female we’re sure you have seen this scenario. You are out running errands when you spot a couple that looks completely out of place. They look out of place because there appears to be a 40-50 year age difference, with the younger-looking more like a grandchild than a significant other.

Yes, the stereotype is mostly with an older man with a much younger woman, but it does go both ways. So the question becomes is it just their money and secondly if it is, what makes it so attractive?

What Makes Money So Attractive?

Based on what our eyes tell us, having it is like an aphrodisiac. Maybe it’s just the freedom to do what you want when you want (legally of course)? There have been studies conducted that polled women with money about their personal lives. Everything from how they are perceived among their friends to their personal lives and any challenges they may have in their love lives.

The fact is, most women who have money reported they have more exciting and daring sex lives. They attribute it all to money and what it means. We can only assume the same holds true when it’s the man in the relationship who has it, so what makes it so damn sexy?

Power. Money is associated with power and prestige. This is particularly important for men. Many studies show that the top quality that makes a woman sexy is physical attractiveness, while for men it is money. Some of this may have evolutionary roots, as money indicates that a man is a good provider, but all in all, there’s something sexy about all that money and power.

Money provides freedom. A famous, attractive actress struggled financially for years in minor film roles before she achieved fame on a long-running TV show. When asked how her life was different, she said, “The money has given me more freedom.” The survey responses from wealthy women suggested that they had better sex lives because they could afford to travel to exotic places and because they had more free time. For example, 72% of the wealthy women said they were members of the Mile High Club – of course, most owned their own planes.

Reward power. Maybe the song is right that “money can’t buy you, love,” but it can certainly buy sex and lots of other things. Why is an expensive sports car sexy? Well maybe it’s partly due to the speed, the curvy design, but the fact that it costs a lot makes the driver suddenly sexier.

It is clear that it’s a very powerful symbol in our culture. Want to get sexy overnight? Win the lottery. If you want to look stop wishing for ways to make a lot of money and actually put together a proven system, look to the world of entrepreneurship.

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