Failure is Part of the Success Equation

Success Equation #1 Most Important Component is Failure

If you take just a moment to stop reading this post and look around you, almost everything you look at is a failure. Well, technically not a failure but the cumulative result of multiple failures and this is the start of the success equation. From your smartphone to the clothes you are wearing, someone had a vision and through their determination, skill and expertise developed the products we all take for granted every day.

How Does the Success Equation Start for Entrepreneurs?

This same principle holds in business. Ask any successful entrepreneur and you can count on hearing their stories of the numerous times they failed, got knocked down and in some cases had to use every ounce of energy in them to get back up. It’s actually from these dark and humbling moments where you learn the most valuable lessons.

It’s where you learn the most about you. Your character, your resolve and what is driving you to your goals. While money is important, money alone is not the sole reason for being an entrepreneur or will it give you the push to go the extra mile to succeed.

Your drive comes from your “Why” and when you have this locked in, you know without a shadow of a doubt where your motivation comes from, all the failures, all the ego adjustments you have to take, the times you have to ask for help, they all become bearable. They become bearable because you already see the end in mind and are so focused on it, the distractions of failure are simply bumps along your road to success.

We know this may sound cliché, you’ve heard all this before, and you’re right, there are countless stories and posts about this very topic. So why are so many people always looking for the easy way? They essentially want the reward of being a success but they aren’t willing to put in the time, effort and learn from the necessary lessons to achieve it.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the home business/network marketing industry. People jump from opportunity to opportunity hoping and praying their next opportunity will be the one which makes them rich. Yet at the first sign of trouble, or at the first obstacle they face, they follow their habitual pattern and start looking for the “next best thing” and move on again.

What have they accomplished? Other than the pain of starting over at ground zero each time, they are hurting themselves long-term in the process. By starting over each time they are not learning the lessons they need to grow personally and professionally and worst of all, they are losing time they will never get back.

While network marketing does not have the overhead and employee issues to deal with, it is very similar to traditional business entrepreneurs who have been attempting to launch since the industrial revolution began. The key to being successful is in your failures. There is no success without failure, just as there is not cake without flour.

As you go about your network marketing business and you encounter a problem you must overcome to get to the next level, do not quit. Look to your upline for support as they will most likely have already dealt with similar issues. Embrace the failure of solving the problem and come out strong on the other side.

Interested in seeing what the cumulative learning effect of failure is and what the success equation looks like? Read what failure did for one of the most popular billionaires on the plant, Mark Cuban. Read Billionaire Entrepreneur Mark Cuban: ‘Failure is Part of the Success Equation’.

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