6 Scary Truths about Becoming an Entrepreneur

6 Scary Truths About Becoming an Entrepreneur

With Halloween now officially behind us and all the scary ghouls, goblins and zombies went for another year, we wanted to let you know it’s now safe to come out of hiding. There is nothing to be afraid of, it was all fiction, or was it?

We know you were not hiding from any of the scary monsters that roamed the streets showing off their costumes in exchange for candy and treats. There is however something much scarier roaming around and you must be made aware of. These are the 6 scary truths of being an entrepreneur.

All too often the lure of being an entrepreneur is used as a selling pitch more than a type of lifestyle. Why do we say this? Why is this a lifestyle choice?

What people see as successful entrepreneurs are flashy cars, with private jets and large mansions and while not all completely untrue, is not as common as most marketing campaigns make it out to be. Instead, the successful entrepreneur is doing many things that are less than sellable features for marketing.

What sort of things are we talking about?

Scary Truths About Becoming an Entrepreneur

Stacey Alcorn, a successful entrepreneur in her own right, has written a great article on the 6 Scary Truths of Be an Entrepreneur. Take some time to read what Stacey has to share here.

When you take these principles they transfer to your network marketing business as well. What you are sold when you look to start in your business opportunity changes as your success level grows. As you will experience, the larger your team becomes, the more of the 6 scary truths come into play.

Being aware of what is required will allow you to be prepared for the challenges that await you. Do not be fooled into believing as your success grows your obstacles and challenges diminish. They will always be there but as you grow as a leader you will be able to direct and lead your team to new heights.

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