The Secret to a Rock Star Income

Developing a Rock Star Income - #1 Secret to Success
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Jack of all trades and master of none; we’ve heard the expression before. Taking it to the financial industry it translates into diversifying. As helping people diversify their investments grew in popularity the same theme spread into other industries.

The security and stability being sold in the financial industry by diversifying were also being sold in the network marketing industry. However this by no means was helping people, in fact, it was creating more problems than it solved. Look to traditional business for your answer on whether this works or not. Have you ever seen a CEO of a company become the CEO of a competing company?

How to Properly Develop Your Rock Star Income

To put it a different way, there are two ways to win a horse race. You can pick the winning horse or you can bet on all the horses. The problem with the second method is when the race is finished and the purse is paid out, you are not left with any money. You may not have lost any money, but you surely didn’t gain much for your efforts either. Attempting to create multiple, profitable income streams by joining several MLM business opportunities at the same time is like betting on all the horses; it doesn’t work.

Before leaving it in the comment section, we know we hear it all the time. “What if one of my companies is based only in the United States and the other is overseas, in Europe? They aren’t competing with each other so I will benefit right?”

We are not going to say successful network marketers do not have multiple businesses simultaneously, but what we will say is they did not create them at the same time. Furthermore, when you look at those who have this situation working for them, their businesses are not divided by geography, they are divided by industries.

For most people looking to generate multiple streams of income, they are not at the leadership level that allows multiple business opportunities to work. Instead of joining one network marketing company based in the United States and another in Europe, join one that will allow you to expand into all markets. We guarantee you it will pay you many times more having one organization spanning multiple markets than having multiple organizations with different companies.

While diversifying your finances is a safe and prudent thing to do when planning for retirement, it by no means will make you rich. Wealthy people are focused on. They focus on building one stream of income at a time. They understand the real secret is creating multiple streams of income within the same business.

Let’s look at rock stars. Once they “make it” in the industry what can they do next? Should they also write a book, paint pictures, start a talk show, or star in a movie? Yes, we know some do all the above, but the rock stars with longevity choose to record more albums. Staying focused on creating music their fans love and then selling the albums in stores, online and on tour. This becomes a long-term rock star income, instead of a one-hit-wonder. This is exactly what MLM rock stars do; they develop and grow multiple income streams within the same opportunity.

How do you ask? First, your network marketing opportunity must allow you the freedom of expansion, to be able to grow in all markets. Next, the size and growth rate of your organization must follow suit and allow for unlimited growth. Based on this you then go to work.

As you build your business your organization will take shape with multiple groups of people in multiple markets all with unique characteristics. Through these groups, your products will be sold and all markets will generate incomes for you.

Your income is not just based on you anymore, it’s now based on many people, multiple groups in many markets. The difference is they all funnel through you and because you are all in the same business opportunity, you can keep your focus on what is most important, your personal goals!

Want the rock start income? Stick with one company and build it all the way to the top!

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