The Power of Mentorship on Your Road to Success

Power of Mentorship on Road to Success
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Being a successful entrepreneur takes many skills, there is no secret to that fact. When you step out into the business world, you become a sole-proprietor and put yourself on the proverbial island; by yourself with the only resource being you. This same phenomena also happens in home businesses.

When you are new to the industry there is so much information around it can be extremely difficult to decipher what is fact, what is fiction and what is just plain BS. We have all heard the hype, but what can you believe when you are first starting out in with your network marketing business and you, like most, desire to be successful?

What does it take to be successful? Therein lies the million dollar question as our definitions of success all vary as they are based on our personal goals. However for many people, especially those in the network marketing industry they have three common beliefs to what defines success. They are a variation of the following beliefs but as you will see, none of them have anything to do with them. They believe their success hinges on an external factor. The three main beliefs are:

  • Belief #1 – the only distributors to make money are the ones who “get in” or get started when the company is first starting up.
  • Belief #2 – the product or service the company sells will determine their success.
  • Belief #3 – the compensation plan will be the key factor to their success.

For anyone who has one or all of these beliefs as their key to success, we can tell you right now they are not achieving the success they desire. They may tell you they are, but be part this industry long enough and pay attention, and you will see those same people who tell you they are hitting all their goals, then they switch companies every 2 to 3 years.

So ask yourself, “If they are achieving all their goals, why leave such a great thing to start all over again?”

This brings our discussion back to how do you the new entrepreneur looking for the proper path to follow for success? The key to your success is mentorship. Finding and using a mentor that already truly has the level of success that you seek, and work with them, model them and learn from them.

The power of mentorship goes transcends industries and careers. Everywhere you look you will see mentorship in place to teach and train those who are just starting. Think of residency for medical doctors, articling for lawyers, apprenticeships for skilled trades and the list goes on.

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With the right mentor anything is possible as they can identify the skills you need to develop in order to reach your potential. The right mentor understands what it takes as they are already successful in their respective fields, are whiling to teach you and most importantly you are coachable.

Learning from a mentor allows you to use their experience as foresight, having the ability to predict obstacles, overcome objections and develop clear solutions for issues you face. Developing your entrepreneurial skills and business in this manner prepares you for what you must face along the way. By no means will a mentor do the work for you, but on those difficult days when you feel the results just aren’t coming, your mentor will be the one who will shed light on what is just around the corner.

Qualities of a Great Mentor

Understanding the importance of mentorship and having a mentor or mentors working with you on a regular basis, what qualities should you seek? Being we have not only used but continue to use mentors on a daily basis, we feel the following ten characteristics are key:

  1. A mentor is someone who . . . knows what you need in the mentoring process and is not afraid to let you know.
  2. A mentor is someone who . . . tells you what they are going to do and follow through with their commitment.
  3. A mentor is someone who . . . will teach & train you how to think like an entrepreneur, if you are not one.
  4. A mentor is someone who . . . has the right mindset and is willing to help you develop the same.
  5. A mentor is someone who . . . is on a journey and is willing to take you with him.
  6. A mentor is someone who . . . does not make excuses, but finds the answers.
  7. A mentor is someone who . . . will change the way you see your life.
  8. A mentor is someone who . . . will teach you how to qualify your prospects.
  9. A mentor is someone who . . . will teach you about the many different personalities you will come in to contact with.
  10. A mentor is someone who . . . knows and understands how to market yourself and your opportunity.

Again these are the top ten characteristics we feel are vital to a mentor in the network marketing industry. Based on these top items you can see the person you are and the way in which you grow will the biggest and most vital key your success. Having a mentor will be part of the vehicle that helps you to get there.

Need a mentor to help you in your network marketing business or are you looking to get started but are overwhelmed by the options? Come and talk to us at Engineered Lifestyles.

As always we appreciate all your comments and emails and don’t forget to share the power of mentorship with your friends.

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