How to be an Entrepreneur and Stay Married

How to be an Entrepreneur and Stay Married
[adinserter block=”10″]The wonderful world of entrepreneurship and unlimited possibilities it offers, is there any greater way to earn a living? The way in which the global economy has changed and continues changing, it is no wonder more people than ever are becoming entrepreneurs.

Through traditional business, new age ideas and home business models, the method in which they step into the entrepreneurial world does not make a difference. What makes the difference is the havoc it wreaks on their personal lives, especially those who are married.

Now we’re not saying that if you are single it is any less or more difficult to be an entrepreneur, because it’s not, but being married does create an additional major stress. The issue lies in a couple areas that a single individual does not have to consider like a married entrepreneur. Those two areas are time commitments and personality traits, more specifically time spent working your business and your ego.

Let’s face it, any business you are going to be building from scratch is going to take an enormous amount of your time and effort. Businesses don’t build themselves and you as the owner have to set the tone and pace for your business. Providing the vision, then leading by example.

As you start the business you may be a leader of one, so everything falls on your shoulders. Then as your business grows and you have capable staff, they can handle day-to-day activities while you deal with higher level items. Each phase continues to take your time, and being married obviously requires you to spend some time with your spouse. The endless time sap running a business can be can run the patience of any spouse very thin.

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Behind every successful entrepreneur is an understanding and supportive spouse. You ask many successful entrepreneurs and they will tell you their wife or husband is a saint because of the patience they had and the support they offered when they first started out. Finding the balance is critical and even though it may seem impossible to balance both, there is a way. Set your focus on overcoming your challenge and you will find a solution. Saying there is nothing you can do will certainly seal the deal on your marriage and possibly even your business.

The second item is an entrepreneur’s ego. There are certain personality traits, or characteristics successful entrepreneurs have which have helped them overcome challenges as they develop their business. Being told what to do and compromising is something usually entrepreneurs are adverse to. For those who are married you know that compromise is a requirement. Thus finding again the right balance can be difficult.

We stress the idea of surrounding yourself with individuals who have the success that you seek. Learn from them and apply their experience to your situation whenever possible. The same holds true for this case here. How do you stay married as an entrepreneur? You talk to entrepreneurs who have successfully done just that.

Case in point, Jay Goltz, and entrepreneur since college and happily married. Read his great account of what he has done the past 35 years to not only be a successful entrepreneur but also stay married. You can read his account of How to be an Entrepreneur and Stay Married from his article on

Taking this advice and using it to your advantage will not only help you in business but definitely in your personal life.

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