Building Financial Success with Momentum

Building Financial Success with Momentum

How do you Create Financial Success?

What does it take to have financial success? A question asked thousands, if not millions of times daily. It’s the one answer to a question most people are in search of. Why? Because the alternative is where none of us want to be and that’s a failure. Thankfully you have the power to choose when you fail because it only happens when you quit.

Through all the people we work with on a regular basis, we have seen it all. From people getting started on their journey and in a short period of time reaching beyond their goals, to others who struggle and quit. For those who struggle, the challenges are truly the best lessons to learn from, not reasons to give up.

They are powerful lessons because, in order to get past them, you have to grow as an individual. Through growth, you become stronger and capable of handling more. You are never given a test you cannot handle. Again the only time these tests are too great is when you give up and quit.

Keeping our focus on success, we ask the question, “What difference in skills or talent or even what advantages do the individuals who achieve their goals have over those who fall short?” The answer may seem very simplistic, but it has nothing to do with skills or talent. The advantage they have is consistency.

If you look at any successful entrepreneur, regardless of industry or even generation, you will find some common traits. The saying goes “the road to success is always under construction” and that is because all growth and success come with challenges. They understand this, face each new challenge head-on, they learn from the experience and progress forward.

It’s not to say some of the challenges have knocked them down because it definitely happens. There are very few successful entrepreneurs who started one business and on their first attempt made it into a huge success. It’s a numbers game and through working the numbers, whether they be years of work, thousands of attempts or people spoken too, they do eventually become overnight successes (we know that sounds funny, but it takes years of dedication to become an overnight success).

The continual motion forward brings on a force that once started cannot be stopped. The force is momentum. There is no secret to what momentum is from a physics point of view, but how does this apply to business and building your personal wealth?

To help clearly illustrate the power of momentum, let’s take it out of the realm of the business world and use Mother Nature to describe it. Think of a forest and what do you see? You see a network of trees and plants that can be so thick and dense can actually block out the sunlight for the ground below the canopy of branches and leaves.

How did it get here? Overnight? Of course not. It got there by consistently following the basics of what it was programmed to do.

From one single seed, the first tree grew. From this tree, additional seeds grew and were planted which subsequently grew into more trees. This all happens as a result of cell division, at a steady rate. With more cells there are more seeds, more seeds thus more trees being planted resulting in more and more trees growing.

Understand the rate of cell division never changed. It never became any quicker than when there was just one tree all by itself. It’s just now as the number of trees increased there were more cells collectively to divide, so the growth planting rate becomes quicker over the same period of time, thus growing more trees.

With the abundance of trees, the number of cells for division has grown exponentially and produced thousands, if not millions of seeds in the same period of time it originally took the first tree to produce the first single seed. The growth rate of the forest now grows exponentially yet the basic system being followed is unchanged; only the rate of planting the trees increases.

Taking this same principle and applying it to growing a business, you are still planting seeds. Only in this case, the planting of seeds is sharing your business and products on a daily basis. In some way, in some form every single day you share your business, the seeds you plant will yield a harvest.

Take a moment to think about how simple yet powerful this is. You want to get the word out to the world about your business, yet how can you speak to so many people? By simply one person at a time. Now we are not suggesting that you need to speak to everyone on the planet to have a successful business, we are simply saying your consistent effort of completing the basics tasks will grow your business into your forest of wealth.

Being in business for yourself can become overwhelming and for those who want to get into business for themselves but do not have a business idea or the experience we can help. We have since 2006 been helping people create successful businesses on a part-time basis. Contact us today to get more information about how we can help you achieve the success you desire.

Would you like another example of the power of momentum? Here is a simple business example of momentum and what it does for business growth, revenue and income.

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