Why Fear is an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Why Fear is an Entrepreneur's #1 Best Friend

With each passing year, there are more people venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. Whether their professional change was forced upon them or it was their choice, there is no question many more people are in this space than ever before.

As the number of entrepreneurs continues to increase, so too does the number of times the question is asked, “What is the secret to being successful as an entrepreneur”? Is there a magic pill that helps you to see into the future and know what to do?

While that would be great to have it obviously doesn’t exist. There is how something which is very real and every successful entrepreneur uses it to their advantage; this advantage comes from fear!

How is Fear an Entrepreneur’s Friend?

We know from all the people we have successfully helped design their dream lifestyle, many times fear stops people in their tracks. It keeps them doing what they know they need to do because their anxiety and fear of the unknown scares them so much, it literally paralyzes them into their current position.

In the entrepreneurial world, there really is something powerful about fear and how you can use it to motivate you to new heights. Let’s face it, at its heart entrepreneurship is frightening. Most entrepreneurs have literally wagered everything they have into their new enterprise to be successful. This risk puts them under immense pressure and stress. This also translates to all their investors and their friends, so there is actually more to lose than just finances.

However for successful entrepreneurs, from the start they use this fear, which is ever-present to their advantage. They use it as a push, as an extra driver to help them to breakthrough personal barriers they otherwise would not have been able to conquer.

Another great example of a successful entrepreneur and how they used fear to build and live their dream is Boland Jones. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of PGi, a company that hosts virtual meetings with people in countries all over the world. Boland specifies the three areas he used to build his successful ventures; Identifying the Sources of Fear, Finding Motivation from the Fear and Embracing the Challenge. Read his great article on Why Fear is the Entrepreneur’s Best Friend.

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