Entrepreneurship is Both a Job Creator and Job Alternative

Entrepreneurship Creates Jobs and Job Alternatives
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The global economy has never been more woven through all we do, see and touch than it stands today. What happens overseas affects us in at home and vice versa. The global economy is still reeling from the financial disasters that occurred back in 2008 through 2010.

Thankfully they are in our past, many lessons have been learned and we are progressing forward. However the trailing liabilities of the mess we created has in some cases acted as an anchor to our economic growth.

When you look at the financial indicators for growth we see that some areas are progressing well while others are still lagging. One of the most scrutinized financial growth factors is the unemployment rate. Decreases in a countries unemployment rate increase consumer confidence, we see an increase in consumer spending and the wheels of economic growth pick up momentum.

However when the unemployment rate increases more than the opposite occurs. Confidence is great for building but fear unfortunately can be a much stronger force that brings an economy crashing to its knees. This is not to say that is where are by any means, but it sets the stage for entrepreneurship.

Necessity . . . the mother of invention ~ Plato

That quote from Plato is at the core of entrepreneurship. Looking at statistics for when new entrepreneurs will venture in new opportunities, they may actually surprise you. A lion’s share of new entrepreneurial ventures are started in periods of economic downturns. While this may seem counter intuitive many times they are started out of shear necessity.

A factory closes, a business relocates and families are left with limited options for making ends meet. Some of the best inventions and businesses have come from people’s darkest financial days. Having nowhere left to turn, their conviction on making their business succeed is a powerful force.

Today this pattern continues at an even greater pace. With the world of online businesses and traditional business, individuals who are left looking for solutions to their income dilemmas have a long list of choices.

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Bill Clerico, CEO and founder of WePay, shares in his Entrepreneur.com article just how important entrepreneurship is to our economies and growing a nation. From increasing a family’s income to building a business that creates new jobs to employ those not ready or choose not to be entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is the catalyst within the economic engine.

So what is that you are ready to do to kick start your economic growth? Becoming an entrepreneur can take many forms. As you can see from Bill’s article there are many new ways to raise capital for starting a traditional business. Build the capital, launch your new business venture and breathe life into your vision.

That may not be what you are looking for and there are of course other options. Engineered Lifestyles was created specifically to help individuals looking to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Take some to time to contact us and we can discuss what your options are for starting a business at home while continuing what you are currently doing.

Remember your dreams will ultimately be what motivates you to build your business venture, and with Engineered Lifestyles you do not have to make journey alone.

As always we appreciate all your comments and emails as well as share this information with your friends as they too may be looking to step into the world of entrepreneurship.

* Engineered Lifestyles does not guarantee any level of success or income from the NHT Global Business opportunity, or any other money-making opportunity. Every independent distributor’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Please see our full Earnings Disclaimer here.


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