Entrepreneurs Overlooking the Power of the Personal Pitch

Entrepreneur Personal Pitch Success
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Entrepreneurs come in all sizes, shapes and forms and just as unique as they are so is the business, the product or the service they are selling. The successful entrepreneur knows their business inside and out and has the ability to, when called upon to pitch their product or business.

Yet for so many entrepreneurs, there is one pitch that they are missing. A pitch that can actually lead to more sales and increased revenue. Yet this pitch has nothing to do with their product or their service. It has everything to do with them. It’s their personal pitch.

If you are not a believer that have a well rehearsed personal pitch is worth the effort, ask the next salesperson that approaches you something about themselves. You can guarantee that the successful ones will have a personal pitch ready and will in short time give you their details.

The ones who are much less successful will stumble for words, fidget, maybe get out a few sentences, and then attempt to change the conversation back to their product or service. Which one do you feel more comfortable with?

We are not comparing salespeople to entrepreneurs, but when you’re an entrepreneur there is obviously a great portion of your day to day activities that involve selling. Your personal pitch is vital to success when attending networking events or at any social event where a product/service pitch would turn most people off you.

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Today on Forbes.com there was a great article by John Greathouse discussing not only how important having a personal pitch is, but also how to develop yours. As you will see, John walks you through the three basic items your personal pitch must have: Who You Are, Where You are Going and How You are Going to Get There. Answering these questions and with some additional advise you will see just how simple yet powerful your personal pitch can be. Read John Grethouse’s Shock: Too Few Entrepreneurs Have a Personal Pitch.

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