Dangerous Half Truths About Entrepreneurship

Dangerous Half Truths About Entrepreneurship

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? What skills do you need, how do you need to think and who can you believe? It’s the last one that many people struggle with when it comes to venturing out into the world of entrepreneurship.

When you begin your venture as an entrepreneur there is an overload of information to process in what seems to be never enough time. Launching products, building customers, marketing, advertising, closing sales, etc. are all part of this new gig that you signed up for. As the tasks build and the results fail to materialize, we start looking to others for help and advice.

It is these instances that who you can believe and more importantly who you can trust comes into play. You want to get help and advice from an individual who has your best interest in mind, not just theirs. Remember that everyone is in business for themselves and needs to earn a living. There is no problem with paying for service as long as it provides you with value and results.

With the proliferation of ‘experts” in the field of entrepreneurship, clichés can be used as often as periods at the end of a sentence. Thrown around and in front of you to make you feel better about yourself and mask what is really going on in your business. The bottom line and that is what we all have to watch, is that unless you get advice that actually helps you, why listen and why waste your time?

Dangerous Half-Truths About Entrepreneurship

So what are the most dangerous half-truths about entrepreneurship? Which ones keep people’s hopes up while simultaneously hindering their chances of success?

Tim Berry at Small Business Trends has put together a great list of the 3 Most Dangerous Half Truths About Entrepreneurship. It is valuable information that needs to be read and understood as only you can change the course of your business. Knowing these half-truths will allow you to gain control of you business and your life and then move forward in a positive and productive manner.

Being an entrepreneur is always an eye-opener. The facts of being on your own become loud and clear when the results are not what you envisioned and there is nobody to turn to but yourself. Understanding what you need to do will open up the opportunities that are needed to turn your floundering business enterprise into one that is a smashing success!

Always be aware of the dream stealers but also be aware of those who are pulling the wool of your newly awakened eyes. To your success!

As always we appreciate and enjoy all your comments. Share with us your favorite entrepreneur clichés and of course, share this information with your friends.

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