What Skin Type Do I Have?

What Skin Type Do I Have

You diligently take care of your skin and know that keeping your skin healthy is a life-long habit. In doing so you will obviously have to purchase products along the way to keep your skin looking as great as it does. When products have been used up, it offers you the perfect opportunity to purchase more of the product that you just used, or update your skincare routine with a new product.

While we agree that you should always keep your skincare routine current with your age there is one item that you need to know. Before heading out to purchase more products at your local boutique or shopping online, this one piece of information that you need to know will inevitably make your purchasing decision easier.

For most Skindulgence products this question will not apply, but could depend on the need that you were satisfying and that is “What skin type do you have?” This one question is the starting point for any skincare product that is specific to skin types. Then further to this question you need to ask yourself what skin concern you are looking to resolve.

The combination of your skin type along with the concern you want to resolve will then clarify the very crowded and confusing skincare industry.

What Skin Type Do I Have?

While this may seem obvious, you would be surprised how many customers simply do not know their skin type. When asked the question their response is sensitive. While it is possible they do have sensitive skin our experience shows that most state this simply because they don’t know and it’s the easiest answer to give. If they say their skin is sensitive then the consultant helping them will provide them “gentle” products which unfortunately may not suit their skin. This mismatch then yields undesirable results.

So before heading out shopping either virtually on hoping in your car, make sure to know your skin type and skin concerns. To do this Nikki Taylor at FightingFifty has a simple test that you can do determine your skin type. Then from here, she goes on to list what can influence your skin and then finally what skin concerns.

With the knowledge of your skin type and skin concerns, you will be well prepared to properly equip and replenish your skincare products. Whether you are buying a new type of moisturizer, and new facial product or some that are cutting edge and brand new, you will know what will work best for you.

Enjoy Nikki’s article “How to Determine Your Skin Type” and as always, we appreciate all your comments, email and don’t forget to share this information with your friends.


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