Trendiest New Skincare Ingredients

Trendiest Skincare Products

Skindulgence is at the leading edge of skincare for women and men around the world. For this reason it is vital to stay on top of the latest developments in new and exciting trends in skincare. Understanding what is working in a very crowded marketplace as well as what is providing the best value to our customers is our #1 goal to ensuring your anti-aging needs are met.

Having this prelude, we like to share some of the trendiest new ingredients that are appearing on the skincare landscape.

The first place to look for what is hottest and trendiest new skincare products are of course celebrities. Either through their usually large budgets, or they have been convinced to use the products as marketing, celebrities are always showing new and different skincare routines and products.

For instance, a bee venom facial? Doesn’t sound too appealing, that is until you hear that the ever so trendy Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is getting them done. Not to be outdone, how about snake venom being called the next Botox, or mink oil is the next coconut oil?

What are the Trendiest Skincare Products?

Then there is the organic side to skincare like using kale on your face to improve your complexion. That’s right now as you are making your kale smoothie, and kale that is remaining after you make your smoothie you can slather all over your body. Drink it and wear it!

The bottom line is that skincare industry is continually evolving and while using various venoms may scare many people, it’s about the progress and advancement of taking care of our skin. The question as always comes down to you and what you are looking to achieve with your skincare routine.

For further information on the latest and trendiest new skincare ingredients you can go to where they have put together a great slide show sharing these great ingredients.

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