Skincare Routine for Pregnant Women

Skincare Routine for Pregnant Women

For anyone pregnant, you know that your normal is no longer normal. Everything that you do has to change as your new bundle of joy develops. Keeping yourself toxin-free and only eating the best, while at times may be difficult, is done for a very worthwhile cause.

Many cosmetic products that we use daily have ingredients in them that are not safe for our developing infants. Here is some great information put together by Liz Skincare and Beauty blog, that every pregnant woman should have a look at and get to know your skincare routine for pregnant women:

Skin Moisturizing

When pregnant women need extra moisturizing. Look for products with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or my personal favourite cocoa butter with vitamin E – smoothes stretch marks and tones skin.

Acne Breakouts

During pregnancy, you must avoid retinoids, Retin-A or Renova or salicylates products can be harmful to developing baby Recommended products lactic acid or glycolic acid.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is a good choice during pregnancy, when skin may react unexpectedly, mineral makeup doesn’t contain ingredients that can irritate the skin, such as fragrance or preservatives. Mineral makeup also contains titanium and zinc, a natural SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

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