Sexy Skincare for Fall and Winter

Sext Fall and Winter Skincare Routine

As we move from summer into fall the drop in temperatures the cold winds and dry heat from our heating units can leave our skin looking less than sexy. The dryness can leave our skin looking flaky, dull and less than ideal.

With the change, we need to pay extra attention to our skin in the fall and definitely through the winter months. Revising your skincare routine to suit these seasonal needs will ensure that your skin is in great condition and has a fresh, healthy, dewy feel.

Prepare Your Skin for the Fall and Winter

Everything starts with a base and your skin and skincare routine is no different. As part of your skincare routine, you should exfoliate your skin. Having said that you should not exfoliate more than twice a week. The exfoliation will remove and eliminate flaky dry skin, but if you overdo it, you can irritate your skin and leave it in worse shape. To exfoliate you can use a gentle scrub or a facial mask like the Skindulgence Facelift system.

Sexy Skincare in the Winter with Skindulgence Skincare Products

Use a Deep Moisturizing Emollient

After exfoliating, you will want to replenish the natural oils and moisturizers stripped away during exfoliating. Use of Vitamin C moisturizers work well or any other high-quality moisturizer. You will want to let the product be on your skin for at least 5 minutes prior to applying any makeup. This time allows the moisturizer to soak in and do its job. Makeup applied on well-moisturized skin lasts longer. If makeup is applied before the moisturizer is fully soaked into your skin, the makeup can become diluted and not function properly.

Under Eye Cream is a Must

Use a top-quality under eye cream such as Skindulgence Eye Cream as well as a hydrating cream like the Essence. The regular use of products such as these will ensure your skin stays properly moisturized throughout the day. It will eliminate general skin chaffing and dryness.

Remove All Makeup

This should be a regular occurrence regardless of the season. Using a high-quality cleanser will ensure all your makeup has been properly removed prior to bed. This allows your skin to breathe while you sleep and keeps your pores open and clean.

Extra Moisture in the Fall and Winter

In addition to your regular moisturizing routine, you will want to add an intense moisturizing facial into the mix. Products like the Skindulgence BioCell Mask use cellulose technology to infuse your skin with nutrients and moisture. After leaving the mask your skin is left feeling exquisite and dewy.

Eating and Exercising Right

This is important year-round but during the colder months, we tend to hibernate more and be less active. Include many natural juices, fruit and dry fruits as part of your diet, as well as drinking plenty of water to help keep your skin moisturized from the inside out. Make sure to get plenty of rest as your body and skin always needs it and keep a positive attitude. The cold month does not last forever and before you know it summer will be here again.

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