Save Your Skin! Stop Doing These 9 Things Now

Save Your Skin. Stop Doing These 9 Things

It’s Monday morning, you just had a great weekend with family and friends and you have another busy week ahead of you. This Monday has some additional pressure as you have a large presentation to give and you are the main presenter. You get out of the shower only to see that there is a large pimple on your cheek. What!?

This happens to women and men every day and obviously, it is something that we want to stop immediately. We want to stop the break-outs, eczema and blotches on our skin. We just want to have clear and healthy-looking skin.

For most skin concerns it our habits that affect the look and feel of our skin the most. We want to help you save your skin, by breaking these habits.

Washing with Harsh Cleansers

When we were teenagers and first developed our skincare routine, most likely we had some form of acne cleanser that we used. These cleansers were exfoliators that allowed us to get a “deep clean” every time we washed our faces, especially for those of us who had oily skin. However, these cleansers can actually do more damage than good.

The “deep clean” these harsh cleanser offer actually strip away the natural oils our skin needs to create a natural and protective barrier. The absence of this barrier accelerates oil production and will increase breakouts. To eliminate this, the use of a nourishing face wash with a milky texture such as the Skindulgence Cleanser will clean your face while at the same time nourish it.

Save Your Skin with Skindulgence Skincare Products

Skincare Products in Jars

Many anti-aging products contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Unfortunately, exposure to light and air can cause the antioxidants in your favourite skincare product to become less effective.

To eliminate this light exposure keep all products in an area that is protected from natural light, such as a makeup bag, drawer or closet. Be sure to keep all products away from any heat sources as this will not only affect the antioxidants but can actually cause bacteria to form in your creams.

One way to stop air exposure is to use products that are dispensed with other means. The Skindulgence Essence is in a sealed container that only dispenses the amount of product your need, protecting the remaining product from air exposure.

Skimping on Sleep

Everyone knows that getting a good night’s has many health benefits. After a restful night of sleep, it boosts our energy levels, helps our metabolism and even improves our mood. Just like the common known health benefits, sleep also plays a major role in the appearance of our skin.

Not getting enough sleep on a regular basis will affect your look more than just having dark, under-eye circles. Lake or rest and fuel can lead to dull pale looking skin. In addition, the lack of sleep is stressful for our bodies, including our skin. This additional stress increases our production of free radicals, creating a larger risk of sickness.

Use of Cotton Pillowcases

While we are on the topic of sleep, what you rest your head on will also affect the look of your skin. While sleeping we can actually be causing trauma to our skin, such as creating permanent creases in our skin because of the break-down of collagen levels.

To help alleviate this trauma to our skin, changing your pillowcase from cotton to a satin or silk pillowcase reduces the friction and even heat generated within your pillow. Additionally, if you are prone to breakouts, remember that our pillowcases do collect residue from our skin. Keeping your pillowcase and sheets clean will help the look of your skin. Wash your sheets and pillowcase at least once a week.

Reduce Your Talking on the Phone

No, we are not your parents telling you to get off the phone. Talk all you want but maybe you will want to use a headset or speakerphone where you can. Our beloved cellphones while a staple in our lives they are also a breeding ground for bacteria. Talking on the phone with it up to your ear will transfer this bacteria to your skin and can cause breakouts and irritations.

Clean your cell often with a simple cleansing whip (safe for electronics of course) and limit the time your cell touches your skin.

Put on Your PJ’s Take off Your Makeup

We know how tired you can be at the end of the day, but this one step can play a major role in the appearance of your skin. Before going to bed every night make sure that you have properly removed all makeup from your skin.

Ask any model who relies on their skin, they will most likely tell you how important this is and probably can count on one hand the number of times they have gone to bed without removing their makeup (we are all human). Use of a product like the Skindulgence Cleanser will ensure all makeup has been safely removed from your skin.

Leaving your makeup on while sleeping, clogs oil glands and impacts your makeup into your pores, making them look larger. As we get older and our collagen levels decline, our pours will not quickly return to their desired size after becoming enlarged. In addition to clogging our pours, the residual makeup can lead to inflammation of your skin and more breakouts.

Using Too Many Products

The purpose of this discussion is to develop a skincare routine that works for you. While we are confident that you will be successful in that task, do not overlook what your skin is telling you. If your skin has become sensitive, red or flaky, there is a good chance that you are using too many products.

Alternating in a product such a Skindulgence Soothe Repair Therapy every other day can help to eliminate the sensitivity and redness. While this may seem counterintuitive to added another product if you may already be using too many, what you will be able to determine is what product is irritating your skin the most and then you can eliminate or reduce the frequency you use that particular product.

Applying Products Out of Order

One of the keys to getting the maximum benefit from your skin care regimen is to apply products from thin to a thick consistency after you cleanse, i.e. toner, serum and cream. Heavier products can block lighter-weight ones from penetrating the skin and doing their job

Popping Pimples

Resist the urge to pop your pimples. When a dermatologist drains a pimple, they will apply downward pressure perpendicularly to the skin’s surface. However, when people do it themselves, they will squeeze from the sides, causing the infection to go deeper into the skin. This is not the desired result, the pimple becomes more inflamed and also can permanently enlarge pours.

Making these changes to your skincare routine will have your skin looking healthy, radiant ready and for whatever activities you have planned for the day ahead.

As always we appreciate your comments and emails and don’t forget to share this information with your friends so they too can have the healthy vibrant skin they desire.