5 Steps to a Rejuvenating Facial

A Rejuvenating Facial in 5 Simple Easy Steps

Simple, At-Home Rejuvenating Facial

Taking care of your skin is a daily task that many of us enjoy as let’s face it (pun intended) it’s the first thing people see when they look at us. We are very proud of who we are and always enjoy showing off our beautiful skin. As is with any good skincare routine having rejuvenating facials is something that feels both good on our skin and is great for the rest of our body. For our skin the cleansing, nutrients and moisture it receives are phenomenal, and for our body, it’s a great time for us to relax and unwind.

We know how amazing facials feel and yes they have many benefits to our skin but don’t overdo it. Most dermatologists recommend only have one to two facial per week. While you can have someone pamper you at a spa, you can also save time and money by giving yourself facials at home. The following 5 steps will show you how to have that wonderful and rejuvenating facial all at home.

How to Have a Rejuvenating Facial

Cleansing Your Skin

First on the list for a rejuvenating facial is the importance of ensuring you do not irritate your skin or worse cause breakouts. The first step, of course, is to make sure your skin is fresh and clean. For cleansing, use a pH-balanced cleanser.

We suggest using the Skindulgence Cleanser as it is effective at removing make-up, any dirt, and residual oils from your skin, while at the same time being gentle on your skin. Be sure to rinse all cleaners off with lukewarm water and your skin is now ready for the next step.

Use The Power of Steam

Using the power of steam to our advantage is simple and effective in nourishing our skin. It is safe and effective for all skin types, whether oily and congested or dry and dehydrated. The only skin type that needs to take a little extra caution would be those with sensitive skin or those prone to thread veins as the steam can aggravate your condition.

For those with oily skin, if you have any acne or blackheads, the steam will help to open and cleanse your pores. Individuals with dry skin will benefit as the steam naturally hydrates the skin. In all cases, the use of steam improves circulation helping increase the health of your skin.

When you create your steam bath you will want to be extremely careful not to burn yourself. You will want to use water that is hot and steamy but not hot enough to burn you. To achieve this, boil some water then add a small amount of the boiled water in a large mixing-sized bowl to hot tap water.

Finally, to the hot water, you can add a few drops of essential oils and herbs to enhance the effectiveness of the steam further.

For those with oily skin, use essential oils of lemon or orange and for non-essential oils, you can use thyme or lemon slices. Individuals with dry skin can add sandalwood; for the non-essential oil choice, you can add rose petals. If you have sensitive or combination skin neroli is a great choice, and for non-essential oil choices, you can use lavender or chamomile.

Then, you place your face over the steamy water using a towel and cover your head with the towel. Keep your face over the steam for about 5-8 minutes.

Choose Your Mask

There are many options you can use for the mask portion of your facial. The simplest way to decide what mask is best for you is to first look at what you are looking to achieve. If there is a specific skin condition you are looking to resolve, you will want to choose your mask accordingly. The other factor determining your mask type will be what you have available to use.

You can make a simple mask from honey, yogurt, oatmeal, and eggs, which further cleanse and moisturize your skin. The option would be the use of a product such as the Skindulgence BioCell Mask, which was created specifically for this purpose.

The BioCell Mask is a one-step process of applying a cellulose mask. While you relax with the mask on your face, the science behind the mask goes to work. Deep penetrating moisturizing plus natural herbs and botanicals rejuvenate and replenish your skin. Keeping the mask on for about 20 to 25 minutes allows you to unwind and recharge while your face is being pampered.

Tone and Tighten

Once complete with your mask you will have one final step before applying a moisturizer (if you didn’t use the BioCell Mask) which is the use of a toner. Toner acts as an astringent that cleans the skin, tightening and cleansing your pores.

You will want to avoid using any toners that have alcohol as they can be overly drying and damage your skin. Instead, you can hydrosol such as rose water, or an herbal mixture that suits your skin type. One that we recommend often is using Witch Hazel. It makes a great natural toner.

Massage and Moisture

The final step to complete your rejuvenating facial is moisturizing and massaging. The purpose of massaging your skin is to increase blood flow to the muscles of your face and to help stimulate collagen. Collagen is what plumps and tightens our face. As we age, collagen production decreases, causing fine lines to form, deepen, and turn into wrinkles.

If you are using a moisturizer, again be sure to choose a high-quality moisturizer. You can also use essential oils and minerals suited to your skin type for this final step. If you choose your mixture, all you will need is 3 mL of water to 5-6 drops of essential oils.

With those 5 steps, your face will feel amazing and you will be ready to show it off.

Enjoy your rejuvenating facials and as always we appreciate all your comments and emails. Don’t forget to also share this information with your friends the only thing better than having a facial is enjoying them with close friends.