Must-Have Beauty Guide for Year Round Gorgeous Skin

Your Must Have Beauty Guide

Beauty guides come and go, just as the years. But as the year comes to an end and we celebrate the holidays, there are many occasions for us to look stunning and exceptionally well-dressed.

From the glitz and glamour of the holiday parties to the new gowns, outfits and make-up we use to make us the belles of the balls. ‘Tis the season to have fun and be merry!

We all want to look and feel our best and using this beauty guide will help you achieve that, at least for your skin.

Best Beauty Guide for the Holidays

You may be asking yourself why are we posting about beauty guides now with the holidays almost over?

We like to use special times like these to point out what you do just for the holidays can be done through-out the year. The tips and tricks you learn to look your best this New Year’s Eve can transfer to looking your best for a spring shower you attend, or even that summer wedding.

Simply change colours to suit the season and use the same techniques.

We spoke to our favourite skincare professionals, cosmetologists and aestheticians to get their scoop on what the hottest trends are you must know, and more importantly what you need to do to have them. What products do they have in their skincare routines?

Also, keep in mind we always make sure to have at the foundation of all our beauty tips healthy and vibrant skin. Starting here ensures your makeup and more importantly, you, look absolutely amazing with all you need to know in this must-have beauty guide.

Picture Perfect Skin

The end goal of a successful beauty guide is to have amazing skin. Step one is to use a micro-exfoliating powder, or an exfoliating brush on your skin daily, and gently scrub off dull, dead skin and blemishes.

Spritz some hydrating mist on your face regularly, to keep it plumped up and youthful.

To ensure your skin is always fresh and youthful us an exfoliating mask once to twice per week. There are many benefits to exfoliating your skin, but just don’t go overboard, as you can cause irritation and blemishes.

Maintain the Glow

Defend your face from the harsh sun-rays with some luxurious light-weight sun protection creams that get absorbed into your skin and lend a selfie-ready glow, minus unwanted residue.

Also, after a day out, use an after-sun or sunburn-relief product.

We cannot stress how important this is not only for the look of your skin now, but long term. Even in the cold winter months, our skin is exposed to the damaging rays of the sun. UV protection should be worn at all times.

Top Make-up Tricks

Always use a primer before you begin your makeup for that dewy glow. This also helps to ensure that your makeup lasts longer and creates a flawless base. A good moisturizing foundation gives a smooth, spotless face. Brush in a creamy blush and finish with loose powder to set it all.

Let Your Eyes Do the Talking

Correct application of a good quality curling, elongating or volumizing mascara (keeping your requirements in mind) can give the effect of false eyelashes and make your eyes pop.

You could also use falsies — the branded ones, if stuck on well, can make a huge difference to your eye makeup.

Have the Best Brows

Use water-resistant brow makeup for perfectly defined eyebrows. Make sure if you are using a brand you have just switched to, have at least one trial run before your big outing.

The last thing you want is your eyebrows giving the false impression of how great a time you are having.

Show Off Your Perfect Pout

This can make or break your look. So, use a lip pencil for outlining and then fill in your lips with colour. This season’s hottest colors are reds and corals.