Hello Sheet Mask Magical Results, Good-bye Skincare Goo

Hello Sheet Mask Magical Results, Good-bye Skincare Goo

It is difficult to think of another area of our lives that we have more potions, lotions and special treatments than in our skincare routine. While it is recommended to have specific items for specific skin issues, it can be overwhelming. The same holds true for our weekly exfoliating sheet masks.

We know the benefits of exfoliating our skin, but all of us have been caught purchasing and using those hydrating but sticky, gloppy, exfoliating masks that we have told ourselves are essential to our great looking skin. There is no question about the benefits of exfoliation and the hydration provided by these masks, the one thing they definitely aren’t is easy to use.

The pitch which sells us on these sheet masks is they will only take 10 minutes to apply the product and it will leave us looking our best. But does this really happen? We spend 2 minutes cleansing our skin, another minute to exfoliate, 10 minutes to slather on the goo and then another 10 minutes to scrub off every little spot of mud.

That’s all before applying the serum which provides more than half the results we are looking for. So what was supposed to be 10 minutes has turned into a half an hour messy ordeal. Thankfully one of the latest trends in skincare, sheet masks, makes this whole process extremely simple and even more effective.

Sheet Mask Magic

Sheet masks in North American and Europe are now having their heyday, but the concept of using pre-treat clothes as weekly anti-ager has been a long-time Korean tradition. In fact, South Korea continues to be the leading import of the latest beauty trends as they are the number one holder of patents related to skincare technology.

Korean Sheet Mask Magic | Skindulgence BioCell Sheet Mask

Haven’t heard of sheet masks? Sheet masks are really one of those things that you never think of until they’re shown to you as a great idea. Essentially they have added skin serum to a biodegradable cloth, which you layer directly on your skin, you sit back and let it go to work; one simple step and your skin are feeling the benefits.

Thankfully these masks are very simple to use and they are a cost-effective and simple alternative to more expensive spa facials. You have the ability to apply at your leisure when it suits your schedule. We must admit that you may want to keep small children away from you as may resemble Hannibal Lecter while using the mask, but then think back to how you looked with all the goo slathered and slopped on your face? It’s all worth it for healthy and vibrant skin, and who goes out in public with a facial on anyway?

As with any trend in skincare, when something is hot, many companies will have different variations to a similar product. The same holds true with sheet masks in there are different categories for different skin issues. There are sheet mask products that will treat oily skin, dry skin, and acne break-outs for instance. Then you will have the sheet masks which are full facial masks and others that are simply for the area around your eyes.

At the top of the list of full-face sheet masks is the Skindulgence BioCell Mask for the many issues it covers in one simple to use sheet mask. The recommended use for the BioCell Mask is once per week. The Skindulgence BioCell Mask provides your skin the nutrients and botanicals for supporting vibrant and healthy skin.

The patented collection of ingredients woven into the cellulose technology brightens, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your face the moment the mask is applied. With ingredients such as arbutin, glucosamine, beta-glucans, and portulaca all working their magic on your face, you simply apply the mask, sit back and let the mask work its magic. After the first use, you will notice your skin feels plumper and dewy.

In addition to having your skin look and feel amazing after using the BioCell mask, it’s easy to use allows you 2 minutes of work and 30 minutes of relaxing and unwinding. Simply lay back and enjoy being pampered. Start enjoying the simplicity of Korean skincare in your home today.