Women around the world have a similar routine every morning, and that is to “beautify” themselves with a makeup. However can this makeup actually be having a harmful effect on their health?

What you say if you were told that the average woman over the course of her life actually ingests up to 4 pounds of lipstick? Making this stat even scarier, many lipsticks have some lead content in them! Now who would knowingly want to ingest lead? The answer of course is no one!

This does not mean an end to the using make-up or the anti-aging products that you love. It simply means that you need to be aware of the what products and their ingredients that can actually harm your health, and avoid them as much as possible. There are products on the market such as Skindulgence that not only help to make you look years younger, they protect your health along the way.

Watch and listen to what Brandy Gilliam, Founder of Organic Beauty Talk.com has to say about cleaning up your makeup routine and what you can do to ensure you are not harming your health through the use of makeup.


See what Brandy has to say . . .