Biggest Skincare Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

#1 Biggest Skincare Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

We all make mistakes, let’s face it. We may say something we wish we could take back, do something that embarrasses us, maybe even hurts someone’s feelings and even make skincare mistakes. We’re human and it can be expected. So what happens when we do all three of these on a regular basis?

That is exactly what many of us are doing to ourselves without even knowing it. Our skincare routine is possibly outdated, wrong for our skin type and even harming our skin. Just as fashions change so too does skincare. The changes can happen faster than you realize as they will change for multiple reasons, the biggest being fashion trends and our skin changes.

Biggest Skincare Mistakes We Are Making

As we age our body changes and so does our skin. Our skin requirements and what we need to do to keep our skin healthy changes as we progress through our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and so on. If we continue using the same products and the same skincare routine we did when we were 22 at 52, we will have problems.

Knowing we all make mistakes what can we do to ensure we are following our routines properly and not making any skincare mistakes? The first step is, of course, admitting there may be flaws in our routine. We always say men are stubborn and resistant to change, but so are we.

This is not a take everything you are doing, stop immediately and throw all your products away. We are just saying to be open to the idea some of your routines or habits may be outdated and in need of change. The second item will be to look at what the experts are saying; after all, they are the experts.

We understand skincare and how to get your skin looking it’s healthiest and youngest. The first step in ensuring you are treating your skin correctly is knowing your skin type. Saying that you have sensitive skin is like saying shoes are all the same. We know there is a difference and getting the right products for your skin is vital. Read “What Skin Type Do I Have?

Fix Your Skincare Mistakes with Skindulgence

Once your skin is healthy and glowing, next turn to professional stylists, not hire one but simply see what they are using. They are the ones on top of both the trendiest looks while at the same time using the correct and newest styling products to achieve the look. Nicky Kinnaird of Space NK recently shared with this exact issue. Read what Nicky recommends to you so you can “Stop Making the Biggest Skincare Mistakes.”

By having your skin healthy and ready for styling, you will have the comfort and piece-of-mind knowing your skincare routine is mistake-free. Now only if we can get the same to happen in our love lives.

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