Have Amazing Skin at Every Age

Beautiful Skin at All Ages

Seasons change, people change and skincare products change. So does your skin as you age, all things that you already know. With all of these “knowns“, why are we so tempted to run out and buy the latest and greatest skincare product that comes along the moment we see another wrinkle, freckle or character line?

The first thing that you must do is stay calm, it will be alright. The second is to put your credit card away you do not have to go out and buy thousands of dollars of the latest and greatest skincare products. You most likely already have all the products you need in your home.

What you must do is to understand what your skin is up against and remember that your age, although you want to keep most people guessing, will play a role in your skincare routine.

Kristin Booker has put together a great decade by decade Do’s and Don’t of Amazing Skin at Any Age that you can use as a guideline for your skincare routine.  As you will see as you transition gracefully from your 20’s into your 30’s, then 40’s and 50’s, just as you mature and get better with age, so too must your skincare routine.

Items such as starting to use an eye cream as early as possible to keep your collagen and elastin at their optimum levels. To change the acne cleanser that you used in your 20’s to remove excess oil dirt to a more mature cleanser that replenishes and pampers your skin.

Have Great Skin at Any Age

As you get into your 30’s you will want to start using a high-quality serum and peptides to ensure proper hydration of the skin at all times. Products like the Skindulgence Essence are perfect for ensuring consistent and natural hydration of all areas of your face and neck.

For most of us as we get into our 40’s and 50’s, we are seemingly busier and busier. Next to improving our skin, lack of time also makes the use of multi-purpose products extremely important in this stage of our lives. Products such as the Skindulgence Firming Facial System that exfoliates, tightens, tones and evens skin coloration all at once.

The exfoliation helps to eliminate the need for harsh bar soaps that strip the skin of essential oil and minerals. While the stimulation for the facelift helps to increase collagen levels eliminating wrinkles and keeping pours at an acceptable size.

What then ties this all together with other than your beautiful looking skin is the use of a high-quality moisturizer. Our skin is under constant attack. The sun, pollution the food we eat all have an effect on our skin. Moisturizing as part of your regular skincare routine will not only save your skin but help keep it looking amazing!

Enjoy’s Kristin Booker’s Do’s and Don’t for Amazing Skin at Any Age, and as always we appreciate all your comments and emails. Don’t forget to share this beauty tip with all your friends.