5 Interesting Facelift Facts

Interesting Facelift Facts About the Procedure

You want to look younger but you need to get all the facelift facts you can before making a decision.

The time has come and you have admitted to yourself that you are no longer going to age without a fight. You take care of your body, you eat well and you feel mentally and physically younger than your birth certificate says. So why should you sit idly by with each passing month you are showing new aging signals – grey hair, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

Eliminating grey hair is easy. A simple trip to the salon and within an hour you have a new, younger-looking hairstyle complete with a professional colour. Gone are the grey hairs and you look younger, feel better but still have those pesky wrinkles on your face. What can be done about those?

Maybe it’s time to seek the help of a professional to turn back the hands of time?

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a major cosmetic procedure that can make you look at least 10 years younger. A very basic explanation for rhytidectomy is the removal of excess fat from the underlying tissues of the skin on your face. While removing the excess fat, loose and excess skin is also dealt with leaving your face and neck with tighter, wrinkle-free skin, looking years younger. While this sounds less than appealing there are some interesting facelift facts that have thousands of people starting procedures every day.

Helps to Alleviate Migraines

Migraines can be debilitating forms of headaches that affect men and women of all ages. They vary in intensity and duration and can make a person’s quality of life less than desirable. Some research has shown that having a surgical facelift can help to stop migraines from happening in the first place. The theory suggests that the facelift procedure inhibits that peripheral nociceptive neurotransmitter, which is believed to have an impact on the central pain processing systems that cause migraine headaches to occur.

Facelift Facts and Skindulgence Skincare Products

Awake and Alert

Having any form of surgery involves risk, yet for many minor facelift procedures, you have the option to remain awake and alert for the entire process. You can choose to have a local anesthetic while the procedure is being conducted then have simple over-the-counter pain medication for any effects after the procedure.

For more involved facelift procedures, such as a full rhytidectomy, patients are under a general anesthetic.

Match the Facelift to Your Needs

Surgical facelift procedures continue to evolve as new, cutting-edge technology is developed and proven effective. There are Lower/Mid/Mini facelifts, Endoscopic facelifts, Thread, Thermage, and a variety of other types of facelifts. This allows you the patient to specifically target your desired results with the proper facelift procedure.

Proven Surgical Procedure

Most conversations dealing with facelift involves how to look younger, yet in this case, the age of the facelift itself is quite old. The very first facelift procedure took in 1901 in Berlin, Germany by Dr. Eugene Hollander. The procedure was very basic yet it is still to this day considered the first facelift. Since that time the procedure has become much more involved technically with better results.

In-Home Facelifts

As the facelift procedures have evolved, medicine and technology have advanced to the point where a facelift procedure can now be completed at home. The non-surgical facelift procedures provide anti-aging results without having to visit a plastic surgeon or be subjected to surgery of any form. This type of facelift is exciting as it allows individuals to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines without the risks or costs associated with traditional surgical facelifts.

With products such as the Skindulgence Firming Facial System, it allows you to tackle the signs of aging as quickly if not quicker than your next trip to the salon. From the comfort of your home, you can now turn back the hands of time safely, effectively, and comfortably.

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