Labor Day weekend is upon us and signifies summer’s last hurrah! The kids are back in school and very soon the leaves will be changing and like the temperature falling. With this change in season comes a different set of challenges that your skin must face, winter!

We don’t want to put any damper on the remaining time of the summer, nor do we want to look past the beautiful times through fall, when it comes to skincare taking proper action is vital to great looking skin. There are treatments and routines that you can start today that will not only protect and improve your skin from any summer damage, it can also prepare your skin for the harsh temperatures of winter.

Exfoliate Away Uneven Skin

To have glowing perfect skin you have to exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin has many benefits. It helps to clear dead skin cells away, encourages skin regeneration, removes dark spots and evens out skin tone. That is really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the skin benefits of regular exfoliation.

With the benefits of exfoliating your skin, there is a question that saving your skin starts here. Too effectively and exfoliate your skin, we recommend a product such as the Skindulgence Facelift system. While this product does not sound like a product that exfoliates, the reviews and results of customers signify that is one of the best on the market.

The Skindulgence Facelift system is a three-step process, a cleanser, hardening mask and moisturizer. It is in the second step, the hardening mask that not only tightens and tones your skin, it also exfoliates. This product not only provides the benefits of exfoliation but also adds an element of anti-aging that is a nice added bonus.

When exfoliating your skin, regardless of product, is something that should not be done on a daily basis. Over exfoliating, your skin can actually irritate and cause skin irritation and breakouts. When adding an exfoliating product to your skincare routine, plan to use it once to twice per week.

3 Ways to Save Your Skin with Skindulgence Skincare Products

Clear Your Pores and Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin will definitely clear your pores. It will remove dead skin cells, oils and other items from you skin leaving your pores clean and fresh. As this cannot be done on a daily basis experts also recommend having some form of mask in your skincare routine.

Now if you use the Skindulgence Facelift system you already have this covered, if not there are other products that you can choose to cover this step. Again using a mask is not something to be done on a daily basis, but once a week. In addition to the skin benefits of using a mask in your routine, you will not only improve the complexion of your skin, but it also gives you at least for that moment, some downtime to relax and recharge.

Masks are fun and super indulgent and once completed leave you skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and looking fantastic. Two great products recommended for this would be again the Skindulgence Facelift or the Skindulgence BioCell Mask.

The Skinduglence BioCell Mask consists of a Bio-Cellulose material, which aids in continuously injecting the super-moisturizing and brightening essence into your skin. It rejuvenates and replenishes essential vitamins and minerals your skin loses from daily exposure. It’s exquisite and natural ingredients stop the development of melanin, brightens the skin and help promote skin regeneration.

Maximize the Benefits of Your Skincare Routine

The final way to fix your skin now is to ensure your skincare products are working their best. For this to happen you skin needs to be ready to accept the products, such as make-up, that you want to use. When you skin is healthy not only do you use less make-up as there are less blemishes, the make-up stays on your skin better.

A product that can be used daily to allow this to happen is the Skindulgence Essence. Taking moisturizing to a new level, the Skindulgence Essence is a product that makes every skincare product work better. Using Herbal Aromatherapy Technology, the Essence replenishes the skin after cleansing and prepares if for any product that you choose to use next.

Health and youthful skin are possible for everyone and you can have it by following these three ways to fix your skin now. Then when the mercury falls and everyone is bundling up, you will want to showing off your amazing, healthy, vibrant skin.

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