3 Uses of Eye Cream, Unconventional Yet Powerful Results

3 Unconventional Uses of Eye Cream

Taking care of your skin takes time and knowledge, and why shouldn’t it?

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and is the first thing people see of us. In most skincare routines, we all have our small jar of eye cream but do we have any other uses of eye cream? Products like the Skindulgence Eye Cream are staples in so many women and yes even men’s skincare routine because of how well it takes care of the delicate skin around our eyes.

3 Uses of Eye Cream, Lesser Known but Powerful

Have you ever wondered if there are any other uses of eye cream? If the eye cream is delicate enough for the skin around your eyes, and protects and rejuvenates, just think of the other parts of your body which could use the eye cream’s abilities. If you ignore this curiosity you could be overlooking very simple and effective ways to boost other areas of your epidermis.

Here are 3 unconventional uses of eye cream you have in your skincare routine.

On Your Lips

Whether it’s the summer sun or cold, dry winter winds, our lips can very quickly become chapped and sore. While we ladies can use lip balm and lipstick and even chapstick, men have fewer options. Using a small amount of eye cream on your lips once a day works great to replenish what’s missing. The secret why this works so well is because the skin on our lips is very delicate and the eye cream provides the extra nutrients they need to stay soft, supple and very kissable.

3 Uses of Eye Cream | Powerful, Effective Skindulgence Eye Cream

Backs of Your Hands

From eye cream to facials to moisturizers we have many products to add moisture to our skin, yet our hands rarely get what they need. The skin on our hands is exposed to many changing environments, more so than any other part of our body. From heat and cold to regular washing and more, all these activities take their toll on our hands. Add to this many people only moisturize their hands once and a while, causing the skin to age prematurely.

If you get into the habit of moisturizing your hands on a daily basis, you can keep the smooth texture longer and stop wrinkles from forming. Moisturizing helps to reflect light away from the surface minimizing the appearance of existing wrinkles and helping prevent new ones from forming. Using your eye cream as a hand moisturizer is not what we are suggesting as that can become expensive. Instead, when you are applying your eye cream and have extra cream, instead of wiping it away, apply it to the backs of your hands.

On Your Décolletage

It can seem somewhat ironic that for as much attention as this area on a woman receives from men, we somehow forget to tend to it. In the cold winter months when our clothes are less revealing it can be understood how this area is forgotten, but as with anything else, consistency is key to ensuring our skin is always looking its best. To make the most of your eye cream, just dab a small amount in the center of your décolletage and massage it in gently. The eye cream with all its wonderful ingredients will aid in diminishing any fine lines which can develop over time.