15 Minute Celebrity Skincare Secret

15 Minute Celebrity Skincare Secret Skindulgence

With the Emmys tonight, millions will be watching the Red Carpet before the Emmys to see who the stars are with, what they are wearing and of course how gorgeous they look. The lights, the glam, the beautiful skin!

Many of our customers ask us how they can have such flawless and perfect looking skin. For the pessimist, they will say, “Anyone can look that great with personal stylists and an unlimited budget.” The truth of the matter is it’s much more than having a personal stylist and unlimited budget.

Celebrities are human too and they have exposed to the same toxins and pollutants that their adoring fans are. In some cases, they are actually exposed to harsher conditions. They are continually wearing layers of make-up and filming in conditions that are less than ideal for their skin. In addition to this, long hours working on the set can leave them tired, run down and not looking their best.

Skincare Tips from the Pros for Great-Looking Skin

So what do they do to keep themselves looking beautiful? How can they get their skin to look as great as it does, look rested and relaxed even though they are under constant public scrutiny? What secrets are they sharing about their flawless skin? Are they using Skindulgence? Yes, some are, but in this case, there is more to look like a million dollars than great skincare products. They need their rest!

Today on TotalBeauty.com, guest writer Kristen Bell shares her 15-minute daily skincare secret to feel rested, relaxed and ready for the day ahead. Take a moment now to read Kristen’s 15-minute daily secret so you can look and feel like the million dollars that you know you are worth!

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