10 Toxic Products You Already Used Today

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Toxic Products to Avoid

It has been said many times that we are what we eat and who we surround ourselves with. Is it possible to also add what make-up or cosmetics we wear as well?

The research continues to pour in that ingredients in cosmetics do in fact have harmful effects on our overall physical health. The same research continues past just cosmetics to everyday personal hygiene products.

The Huffington Post Canada Living has compiled a list of 10 common items we use every day and what we should avoid to protect our overall physical health.

Ever thought about how many chemicals you sprayed, slathered, swallowed or sniffed even before you left the house this morning? Lisa Borden, marketer of holistic and eco-intelligent products (and a The Huffington Post Canada blogger), says we should all be concerned about the chemical-laden, toxic products we utilize on a daily basis without a second thought.

“People would make the right choice 90 percent of the time if products could speak,” she says. Her advice is to consider where what you’re using comes from, what’s in the product and where the packaging is going afterward. Some of the most toxic products you may be using include:

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