Alura Lux History

The Alura Lux history story is one now more than 19 years old. Developed for his wife going through menopause, Dr. Ronald Thompson knew there was a need for Alura Lux not just for his wife but for women everywhere. When this product came to market in 2001, it took the world by storm! Women globally were screaming their approval as not only did it help them overcome many of the symptoms of menopause*, it had them feeling young again. A product that was developed specifically for women, that still today is one of the top selling woman’s health products.

Watch and listen to what the creator of Alura Lux, Dr. Ronald J. Thompson, MD as he details the history of Alura Lux and the many purposes behind this amazing product!

In this short video, you will learn many great facts about Alura Lux, facts such as:

  • The need for Alura was evident, but when did Alura Lux become a reality?

  • What symptoms does Alura help women overcome?

  • How exactly does Alura work?

  • Is it safe for everyone to use?

  • What is the best way to get Alura working for me?

Learn the Alura Lux History

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