Restor Health Benefits

Restor Health Benefits

Feeling Run Down? You Are Not Alone

Improved Bladder Control with ReStor Silver

As you age, your levels of Ca2+ ATPase, an essential enzyme, used in all bodily functions, declines. Reduced levels of Ca2+Atpase can contribute to trouble sleeping, increased muscle fatigue, overactive bladder, and joint and muscle pain. ReStor is the first nutritional supplement specifically formulated to target Ca2+Atpase. Using organic, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, ReStor is a plant-based, proprietary blend that supports your body’s natural responses to daily stress and activity. By enhancing the body’s essential biologic functions, ReStor works to achieve extraordinary health, helping your body return to its natural state of balance.

An Aging Research Breakthrough ReStoryour optimal wellness.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Tossing and turning at night? Don’t sleep as well as you used to? Have you tried over the counter sleep aids only to find that you’re drowsy the next day? Tired of always being tired? ReStor can help.

ReStor helps increase Ca2+Atpase levels in the pineal gland which results in:

  • Faster and easier time getting to sleep.
  • Deeper and more restful sleep


The pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, produces melatonin, the key hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. As with all bodily processes calcium regulation is fundamental to the release of melatonin. Calcium regulation in the pineal gland is controlled by Ca2+Atpase.

As we age, Ca2+Atpase levels decline in the Pineal Gland. As a result, two things occur. The first and most immediate is reduced melatonin secretion which makes adequate sleep harder to attain. The second result is that in the long run, reduced Ca2+Atpase levels in the pineal gland lead to pineal gland calcification, which reduces melatonin secretion further and also is linked to degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. ReStor can help support optimal melatonin levels for a good night sleep now and offers protection against pineal gland calcification, which is the key to long term cognitive function.

Healthy Urinary Tract Function

You know the feeling: You need to find a bathroom, and fast. Have you been stuck in traffic, desperately needing “to go”? Do you plan your social events around getting an aisle seat? Do you wake up two or three times during the night just to get relief? ReStor can help.

Many users have reported improved bladder function within 30 days, feeling back in control like they used to be. ReStor increases Ca2+Atpase in the bladder muscle which:

  • Supports bladder function and control in men with benign prostrate hyperplasia.
  • Supports bladder function in menopausal/ premenopausal women or other individuals with reduced hormone levels.


Although not widely known, the bladder is composed of smooth muscle tissue. The detrusor muscle contracts when urinating to squeeze out urine. Otherwise, it remains relaxed to allow the bladder to fill. The internal sphincter muscle of urethra is the primary muscle for preventing the release of urine. As with all muscles, muscle contraction and relaxation is controlled by calcium. Calcium is released from a cellular storage vesicle (sarcoplasmic reticulum) into the cell which then triggers muscle contraction. After the calcium is released and the contraction has occurred, the calcium then must be pumped back into the storage vesicle so that there will be adequate calcium for the next contraction.

Ca2+Atpase is the pump that pumps calcium out of the cell and into the storage vesicle. As we age Ca2+Atpase levels decline resulting in reduced muscle control, i.e. overactive bladder. Ca2+Atpase levels are approximately 40% lower in bladders of men with bladder dysfunction as compared to men of similar age with normal function. In fact, the severity of the bladder dysfunction correlates with reduced Ca2+Atpase levels. In other words, the greater the symptoms are, the lower the Ca2+Atpase. In women, alterations in the female sex hormones are believed to play a major role in bladder dysfunction. There is a direct relationship between estrogen levels and blood flow to the bladder. As a result, there is increased free radical generation which leads to decreased Ca2+Atpase. Decreased Ca2+Atpase results in reduced bladder muscle function and control. By increasing Ca2+Atpase levels to normal, ReStor can improve bladder function in both men and women and give them back the freedom they deserve.

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ReStor Silver Facts

These patent pending formulas developed by Dr. Lyle Wilson utilize the jasmine flower extract to replenish the amount of calcium ATPase in our bodies and revitalize cellular health and performance in key ways. Take ReStor Silver for improved sleep, muscle function, and bladder control daily to improve your overall health and wellness!



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