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NHT Global’s StemRenu is an advanced renewal complex that harnesses the power of signal molecule technology to rejuvenate the body. The avian egg extract delivers a remarkable supply of signal molecules, the proteins responsible for stimulating stem cell production. Nutrient dense ingredients such as marine algae and aloe vera provide additional nourishment and support. From promoting faster recovery to countering the effects of stress, this supercharged formula works at the cellular level to improve overall health and restores the body to a more youthful and balanced state.



Great Performance Starts with Great Nutrition

The scientific studies around each of its ‘live’ ingredients are proof that it is effective for all ages. The synergy of this formula enhances the activity of our adult stem cells for repair, strengthens our immune system to protect us, and activates the healing wisdom within.

The winning combination of stemFit Active’s powerful functional foods can mobilize the body’s resources creating a state of enhanced health and rejuvenation. Our scientists looked to nature and found the body’s ideal recipe for wellness and the perfect food for the athlete in all of us.

StemRenu Ingredients are a Perfect Blend of Super Foods

The Young Tissue Extract from incubated fertilized hen eggs in StemRenu contains signaling peptides that activate and direct adult stem cells to heal and repair. These special proteins fortify the body against degeneration, raise the production of the youth hormone DHEA and have a profound effect on lowering excessive cortisol levels. These combined effects dramatically increase the recovery rate after physical exercise and sports participation.

With aging and high stress, the level of these signal peptides declines. Not found in any other food sources; they are abundant in our Young Tissue Extract. These signal peptides turn on your DNA switches for health and turn off your DNA switches of accelerated degeneration of your body’s cells. Being able to perform better in sports activities and fitness training, it is necessary to keep a high level of these signal peptides.

Athletes at every level of performance put high demands on their metabolism. StemRenu contains EGCG, a super antioxidant that helps mediate oxidative stress. It enhances metabolism, helps balance glucose levels, increases fat oxidation, and aids in weight management.

The body demands minerals for every cellular function. StemRenu contains a plant-sourced Marine Mineral Complex that is up to 97% absorbable. It gets the minerals to the cells in the quantity and form that is optimal for utilization. These minerals have been shown in clinical studies to reverse bone loss within a year especially when incorporated with load-bearing sports such as basketball, volleyball, jogging and soccer.

StemRenu the Latest in Advanced Food Technology

Glyconutrients (biological sugars) extracted from the inner leaf of fresh Aloe Vera have been extensively researched and shown to facilitate optimal cellular function, production and communication. The healing properties of our Glyconutrients is so efficacious, it supports the athlete’s immune system, balances blood sugars and cholesterol levels to normal ranges, has amazing wound healing properties, and is a super antioxidant.

StemRenu contains a unique Marine Protein that helps reduce pain by reducing inflammation generated by athletes repetitive use of muscles and joints. It protects joint lubricating fluids and cartilage, and facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

Clinical Research in Sports Medicine and Nutritional science

What does an athlete need that the rest of us don’t? Nothing! Athletes just require a lot more of it. Why? When they train and compete, they push themselves to extremes. They need to train their core right down to the cellular level. Athletes withstand and endure extreme stress, both physical and psychological – while achieving optimal performance.

StemRenu is a unique sports nutrition product that not only assists the body to achieve optimal peak performance, it repairs, rejuvenates and restores the body on all levels back to a balanced state of (homeostasis). The body has its own innate intelligence to heal and repair. StemRenu gives you the growth factors, amino acids, biological sugars, minerals and antioxidants you need at the cellular level for an optimal state of wellness and sports performance.

Experience the exceptional benefits of StemRenu

    Increased energy and endurance

    Improved focus, attention and concentration

    Proven stress reduction for athletes

    Prolonged peak athletic perfomance

    Faster recovery between workouts and competition

    Balance blood sugar naturally

    Balance hormones naturally

    Improved sleep for better recovery

    Repair damaged cells through-out your body

Understanding StemRenu with Dr. Chris Morris

5 reviews for StemRenu

  1. I just started on my second bottle of StemRenu. Take it in the morning and before dinner. I do notice I have more energy–neighbors were watching me trim some bushes and dragging limbs out to the curbside. My allergies seem to be a little better-one thing which is important to me is memory–I always have to take a list to the store—this time I forgot the list—-thought about it and begin shopping—when I got home I compared the
    things bought to the list————it was all there plus two things I was out of. Wow!! I find I’m sleeping better too—I have arthritis, broke my hip a few years ago stepping over my Golden Retriever—and that hip always hurts—but now not as bad. Got a new edger yesterday, so plan on using that today. Do my own cooking, housework, love research on the computer. I’m a retired RN-so look up all my RX and supplements-do a lot of juicing and blending–StemRenu works looked like something that would help-and it did. Now for the interesting part ———-I’m 83 years old-so it’s never too late. Bonnie, from Ohio

  2. I am 61 yrs old, I noticed more energy and I have started to see results in my muscular mass since I’ve been using StemRenu

  3. I was recommended StemRenu through a friend. After 4 weeks of taking this supplement I have lost 9 pounds and have much more energy, which has enabled me to get back into a regular exercise routine again which is something I have always struggled with. I’ve even started to notice improvements with my complexion. I am excited with the results so far.

  4. I am in my early 60s and very selective about the supplements I take. The quality of ingredients in StemRenu is what caught my attention. Within 2 weeks I noticed I had a lot more energy and better cognition! I have since lost weight and recover so much more quickly after my workouts. My body is lean and fit and I have more energy than ever.
    Also my immune system is a lot stronger. We had a very severe cold winter in the Midwest and I only got the start of a minor cold virus. The virus cleared very quickly- unusual for me since I generally catch several viruses each Winter. A real bonus is my eyesight is better!!

  5. I have been taking StemRenu for a month now. My Doctor recommended I take this because of its ingredients and the research he has seen on it, and the large amount of growth and immune factors as I’ve had joint and muscle pain from some old injuries. Since taking Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray my aches and pains have definitely reduced, and I have a lot more energy.

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