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What is a Noni Fruit?

What Does a Noni Fruit Look Like?

What is a Noni Fruit

The scientific name for noni fruit is Morinda citrifolia. It is an unusual looking fruit that belongs to the coffee family of plants. Noni fruit grows on an evergreen like woody shrub with the noni fruit growing several inches in diameter.

The initial blooms of the morinda citrifolia bush are white clustering flowers. The small white flowers lead to the lobe-shaped fruit. The noni fruit is covered in small bumps and starts and will range from green in color to a pale yellow. As the noni fruit ripens, it will change to the pale yellow color as well as increasing its odd smell.

Although noni fruit has both a distinctive taste and pungent smell when rip, it has a long list of health benefits. For centuries it has been used by traditional healers and is now being studied by Western medicine to prove the healing powers of noni fruit.

Regions to Find Noni Fruit

While the exact origin of noni fruit is not clear, it found in its greatest abundance in southeast Asia and the Pacific rim of islands in the South Pacific. The Morinda citrifolia tree is a very hardy and sometime intrusive tree. It is robust enough to handle many types of soil conditions, including salty and even volcanic soil. It can be found in both shade forests as well as exposed shingles.

As an example of how hardy and adaptable the Morinda citrifolia tree is, the University of Hawaii has noted that noni is the first plant of its kind to begin growing in low-elevation lava flow. It is theorized that animals drop the noni seeds into the cracks in the lava, where the noni tree takes root.

Preparation of Noni Fruit

The noni fruit is not a difficult fruit to eat when it is ripe. It can be broken apart by hand, exposing the many seeds surrounded by the meat of the fruit. However the ripe noni fruit has a very unique taste as well as strong, somewhat off-putting smell. Even if cooked, these conditions exist.

The more common method of consuming noni fruit is through noni juice. It is customarily mixed with other fruit juices to offset the flavor of noni fruit and make it more palatable. Traditional the ripened noni are fermented into a dark brown liquid with the seeds being extracted and roasted or pressed for oil.

To get the entire health benefits of noni fruit, it is recommended to consume a high quality noni juice on a daily basis. One of the highest quality noni fruit juices on the market today is Premium Organic Noni. It is certified organic by the Australian government and consistently ranks high with customers for both quality and taste. To get more information on Premium Organic Noni, click here.

Nutritional Value of Noni Fruit

Noni is a fruit that is rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates and protein. There are also fatty acids, potassium, calcium and vitamin A present. Noni fruit is not typically a fruit that is eaten on a regular basis however the popularity of consuming noni juice has increased because of noni fruit's health benefits.

It should be noted in order to receive all of the health benefits of noni in juice form, the noni juice must use all parts of the noni fruit. The noni fruit rind, pulp and flesh must be used in making the noni juice to ensure the high content of antioxidants are available for you to benefit from, such as increased immune system health.

Premium Organic Noni is ranked high with both scientists as well as consumers because the entire noni fruit is used, thus providing all the health benefits of noni fruit. The mixture is also balanced properly with other tropical juices to give the noni juice a taste everyone can enjoy.

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