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The Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Noni Background Information

What are Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Grown in the Pacific and South Pacific Tahitian Ring of islands, noni is the fruit of the Mornida Citrifolia tree. As it is not grown in North America or Europe, noni juice is available for purchase through various means. It can be purchased through grocery stores, health stores as well as online companies.

While there are many variations companies will use as marketing tactics, it is important to understand the quality of noni juice that you are purchasing. If you want to get the maximum health benefits from the noni juice, you must look at more than just price.

From the clinical studies that have been conducted and continue to be conducted on the health benefits of noni juice, it has become clear that the entire fruit must be used in the noni juice. That is, the rind, the pulp and the juice must be combined together. This gives you the most potent noni juice possible and ensures that you get all the health benefits from the noni fruit. One of the most recommended noni juices on the market is Premium Organic Noni. You can get more information on it here.

History of Noni

For centuries the Polynesians have used noni fruit and noni juice as both a food and medicine. Long before Western medicine started the research on noni, the Polynesians used noni to treat diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. It was also thought to be useful in preventing aging, thus it was used as an anti-aging food and treatment.

During World War II the Polynesians brought noni to Hawaii. It became a very popular food source for soldiers that were stationed in the South Pacific. This helped to increase the popularity of noni fruit and noni juice in the United States.

Noni Fruit Nutritional Facts

Looking strictly at fruit, for a 100 g serving of noni fruit it contains 15.3 calories, 10.5 mg of sodium, 0.43 g of protein, less than 5 IU of vitamin A, 33.65 mg of vitamin C and 10.1 mg of calcium. It would be easy to say that all noni juices are equal in their nutritional values, but they aren't. Due to the very bitter taste of noni fruit, when manufactures blend noni juice, they frequently mix it with other complementary fruit juices. To understand what the nutritional value of noni juice is, you must read the label.

Health Benefits of Noni

The Polynesians have been eating noni for centuries and introduced it to the soldiers stationed in the South Pacific during the second world war because it is a food that can increase stamina. Western medicine has conducted studies on how consuming noni can increase stamina.

As published in the November 2007 issue of "Phytotherapy Research," the researchers confirmed that drinking noni juice on a daily basis can increase endurance and balance as well as combat fatigue.

In separate studies and research, noni fruit has been found to be very high in antioxidants. As our cells oxidize and produce free radicals, our bodies need a constant supply of antioxidants to eliminate the free radicals and maintain our cellular health. Noni's powerful antioxidant activities were proven and published in a October 2009 issue of "Chemistry Central Journal."

Other research has shown that consuming noni juice on a regular basis can raise energy levels, potentially help to lower cholesterol levels, boost immune health, reduce inflammation most commonly caused by arthritis, and there are studies that have shown promise in noni's ability to help fight cancer.

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