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Nutritional Benefits Noni Listed

Nutritional Benefits of Noni Fruit

Basic Noni Information

Noni fruit originate from the Pacific and South Pacific. It can be found growing islands such as Hawaii and the Tahitian Ring of islands in the South Pacific. The Noni gets its name from what the children say when given noni as a remedy for their aliments. Noni itself has a very bitter taste, but when combined with the right complementary juices, noni juice is a great tasting natural supplement.

One of the best noni juices on the market is Premium Organic Noni. It is grown and harvested using a centuries old "Chief-to-Chief" process. The fruit is only touched by human hands, and the entire fruit, the rind, the pulp and the juice is used. This ensures that you get 100% of the nutritional and health benefits of noni when drinking Premium Organic Noni. To get more information on Premium Organic Noni, click here.

Stress Protection with Noni

Nutritional Benefits of Noni

Much can be said about the damaging effects stress has our bodies and well-being. Studies have shown that noni fruit may have the ability to protect our minds from the effects of stress. Based on a September 2010 article in "Physiology and Behavior," J. Muto and colleagues tested and studied the effects noni fruit has on chronic stress.

Using mice one control group was given noni juice on a daily basis. After a five week period, the group that received the noni juice daily showed much better abilities and lower levels of stress than the group that did not receive it. The theory is that the noni fruit improves and strengthens your brains resilience to stress by improving blood vessels in the brain.

Antioxidants in Noni

Through the many naturally occurring processes in our bodies, the product of free radicals is one of them. Examples of when free radicals are produced are when our bodies break down foods, when you smoke or when our bodies are exposed to pollution in the air that we breathe. The accumulation of free radicals over long periods of time can contribute to aging diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer.

Antioxidants improve your well-being by breaking-down and eliminating free radicals. There are both intracellular and extracellular antioxidants. For intracellular antioxidants, get more information the importance of glutathione as this is our body's master antioxidant. For extracellular antioxidants, studies have shown; as that published in the April 2005 article in "Journal of Natural Products", that noni fruit contains high amounts of antioxidants.

Lower Levels of Cholesterol

The high levels of antioxidants found in noni fruit and noni juice may also have the ability to lower your cholesterol. In an August 2010 study completed by Safur Mandukhail and colleagues, the subsequently published in the journal "Lipids Health Discussion", it showed that a control group of rats that received noni fruit extracts daily exhibited lower cholesterol levels. While these results are very promising with regards to noni helping to reduce cholesterol levels, additional studies are required and on-going to make definitive connections between noni fruit and cholesterol levels.

Increased Energy with Noni

In addition to eliminating free radicals with the abundance of antioxidants found in noni fruit, studies are now starting to show that noni fruit can actually boost your energy levels. Clinical studies have been conducted that show people who regularly consume noni fruit juice report higher energy levels than those who do not. These results were published by D.L. Ma and colleagues in a November 2007 article in the journal "Phytotherapy Research."

In addition to the results that were reported, Ma and colleagues also conducted a study giving one control group of aged mice noni juice daily. The control group that received the noni juice daily performed better on tests that measured their endurance, balance and flexibility than the control group that did not receive noni juice daily.

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