Stop Selling in MLM Connect with Your Prospects

Stop Selling in MLM Connect Instead

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Stop Selling in MLM Connect Instead

Working in the MLM industry is no different than working in any other industry. At its very core there are products to be sold and your task as a distributor is two-fold; either find new distributors to join your group and help you move product, or simply find new customers to purchase your product. Sounds relatively simple and it is, when done correctly.

The problem with so many people involved in the MLM industry is that they need to stop selling in MLM and start connecting. What does this mean though, after all, life is a selling business and selling is in everything that we do; whether it's sell products or share a great restaurant with our friends, we are always selling an idea.

Prepared to Sell in MLM

For many people they have no problems selling products. They enjoy the activities involved in selling, everything from the marketing side to the social side of selling products that they are passionate about it. They are tireless in their efforts to sell products and continuously increase the volumes in their MLM organizations. They have the right methods and they produce results.

Yes for these types of individuals it comes easy. They either have large circles of friends that they can sell to, or they consciously take action and create large circles of acquaintances that they sell products to. These types of individuals do exist, but they are not the norm, they are not the individuals who start in MLM part-time. No, these types of people may not enjoy the selling process or marketing, but they have accepted what they must do, and the do the necessary tasks they are told. They sell . . . or at least attempt too.

A Better Way Then Selling

There is no question that a distributor who is taking action is 100% better than a distributor who doesn't, but as a leader you want to see your distributors have success. If they are simply going through the motions of selling the business and selling the products, they are guaranteed to accomplish two things.

The first is they will meet a lot of resistance with will then lead to rejection. While the distributor is new and excited about their new business, this rejection will be tolerable. However as the results continue to elude them, the rejection will start to take its toll, and they will become frustrated.

The second item that they will surely accomplish is they will push away all contacts with their constant barrage of pushing product. Think of all the advertising the average individual sees on a daily basis and think of what they do with it. They ignore it and more specifically think of yourself and what your thoughts and actions are when you are pitched on something new.

Connecting is More Powerful Then Selling

With selling not the way to build a successful MLM business, want is the answer? That answer is connecting with your potential business partners and potential customers. Connect with what they need and let them sell themselves on your business or your products. Utilizing this method is infinitely more powerful than convincing a person of the benefits of your MLM business or product. It's more convincing because the decision to sign-up or buy the product is your prospect's. They have decided that they want to join your MLM business, or they want to use your products. There is a massive different between wanting to use something and being convinced to use something.

Let's use an example to highlight this point. A very successful, handsome businessman walks into a men's clothing store. A particular suit catches his eye and he proceeds to look at it and think, "I don't have a suit like that in my wardrobe." Just as he completes that thought the saleswoman walks over and introduces herself by saying "You would look absolutely amazing in that suit!" So what just happened and can you guess what the businessman's response was?

The saleswoman appealed to the businessman's ego as well as his desire to have the suit in his wardrobe. The businessman completely agreed with her and proceeded to purchase the suit. Not because the saleswoman convinced him too, but because he wanted too! If the saleswoman would have walked over and said "That suit just arrived from Italy yesterday; it's literally right off of the runway in Milan, and is one of our hottest, most wanted suits." The response from the businessman would have been much different. Odds are he would have said, "That's great, thank you, I'm just looking though." See the difference and the power in connecting with the prospect first?

Connecting Builds a Powerful MLM Business

The exact same principle the saleswoman used in the example can be used on a daily basis for those looking to build a successful MLM business. Connect with your potential business partners and customers by finding out first what they are after? What is that they need and how can you help them. Then from there, show them how your MLM business or products can meet their need, than stop.

Do not proceed to pressure into making a decision. If you have done your job as the saleswoman did above, they will make the decision quickly and effortlessly. After all it is their decision and they want to fulfill a need themselves!

While the businessman above immediately purchased the suit, be prepared for some of your prospects to say no at first. There are many reasons why they may say no, but when you approach them wanting to help versus sell them, when the time arrives, they will remember you and return to be your newest distributor or customer! It happens every single day

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