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Triotein and Glutathione

Understanding the Importance of Glutathione

Two Major Protective Functions of Glutathione (GSH)

First, glutathione (GSH) provides antioxidant protection within the cell, especially in the nucleus where RNA and DNA must be protected.

GSH also acts as a protectant from toxic materials, especially in the liver and lungs.*

GSH Has a Major Role in Boosting Immunity

When microbes attack a cell, the cell defends itself by rapidly producing immune defense cells. This in turn, produces free radicals.

These toxins can result in ‘free radicals’, which occur from the metabolic processes within each cell from foods, air, exercise, stress and illness.*

Free radicals can create cell damage if not neutralized.

See Health Benefits of Glutathione and The Science of Glutathione for more details.

Why Our Body Needs Additional Support for Production?

The glutathione “pool” is not infinite and must be replenished or maintained. Levels of glutathione in cells can be diminished for a variety of reasons:

  • Stress
  • Microbial attack
  • Cellular change
  • Cellular degenerative change
  • Traumatic change
  • Exercise change
  • Age
  • Lack of nutritional support


The natural aging process results in a slow decline in the body’s natural ability to synthesize GSH.

Glutathione GSH is used up combating the free radicals produced by your muscles during exercise. Also, the calories used for energy during exercise and extreme activities increases the need for even more intracellular GSH.

How do I Increase or Maintain My Glutathione Levels?

First, evaluate your lifestyle to decrease the amount of toxins to which you expose your body.

Second, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. And remember, ‘fresh is best’. Also, supplement with a full spectrum of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Will Cysteine Supplements or GSH Supplements Help?

Studies have shown that these supplements are not as effective.

The free amino acid cysteine is not delivered to the cell wall so it cannot be used to make glutathione.

Glutathione (GSH) as a tripeptide does not survive the intestinal tract in enough amounts to influence intracellular glutathione; therefore, the body needs the ‘building blocks’ of GSH for natural production.

See also Triotein Fast Facts, Importance of Antioxidants and an Oxygenation Example.

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