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Power of the Mind

Utilizing the Laws of the Universe

Successfully Create Your Abundance with Your Mind

Do you think that successful, wealthy people have some obscure power that you may not know about?  That it’s all about chance that these people have achieved what they set out to do. What is it that they know that you don’t know?

Power of the Mind

We hear this continually from the people when we first start mentoring them at Engineered Lifestyles. When it comes to working towards a goal people think that it has to be magic and/or luck to be successful and get what you want. On top of this belief people will go to great lengths and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to find a “fool-proof” system to help them achieve their success! The irony is . . . it’s neither luck nor magic and the system is already there! It’s been there all along. Since the beginning of time and it has not changed and regardless of mankind’s advancements it will remained unchanged. The key is . . . to know how to you use it to get what you want. To get the things in your life that you are seeking, to achieve your goals just like the wealthy successful people!

So what is this system? Not just yet. Before we get an understanding what this system is, we must first agree and clarify two things.

Take a look around you and what do you see? You may see your computer and your desk. If you are by a window and you look outside you may see houses, trees and cars. We can give a general name to all these “things” or forms. On closer inspection of all these forms they have a specific weight, color, density and varying chemical compositions. We call this matter and everything in our environment that is visible to us is made from matter.

The second item that we need to agree on is that our environment does not consist of just visible items. We know that there are invisible items that govern our environment. A fruit hanging from a fruit tree will fall to the ground. When we see the fruit fall we cannot see the forces and energies themselves, we see the causes of all them involved. More clearly stated what we see are the results of the forces and energies. These are called phenomena, or actions and states of being. All things living will change form as they grow, yet we cannot see the energies involved in this transformation. When we turn on a light we see the light bulb illuminate the room, we cannot see the electricity that is flowing to the bulb. Our thoughts we know that they are there, yet we cannot see them. The point of all these examples is to make clear that we live in a world in with not only visible things (matter) but invisible things (forces and energies).

Now taking this back to your question for what is the system that is already in place? It is the Law of Attraction and more specifically the power of the mind! Everything that has been created on earth was at one time just a thought (invisible) in the mind of its creator until they physically made the item out of matter (visible). The builder of your house had the vision in their mind before designing and building your house. The designer of your car had the vision of your car in their mind before manufacturing it. All things of matter start with the vision based on thoughts then action is taken to produce the visible.

This holds true for you in your journey to achieve your goals. What you want to create must start with your thoughts that create your vision which then leads to your action and finally your results. Remember that this same system was used to create all the things around you. Even your current results are the creation of your thoughts. Do you want to change your results? Change your thoughts!

It may sound too simple but it is true! What most people miss is that you have to have the same level of belief in the fact the Law of Attraction and the Power of Your Mind as you have in say the forces that make up gravity! You know that if you hold a ball in the air and release it, the invisible forces that make up gravity will bring that ball to the ground.  The same series of events will take place and the invisible things (forces and energies that make up gravity) will cause the visible thing (the ball) fall to the floor. There is no difference with the Law of Attraction or the Power of Your Mind! The same series of events must occur to use the invisible things (The Law of Attraction and the Power of Your Mind) to create the visible things (your goals).

Thoughts – Vision – Action – Results!

Engineered Lifestyles is here to help you harness this and create greatness in your life. To properly harness the power of your mind, you must start at the beginning and consciously work on the thoughts that you have.  For this we have many suggested readings that you can start with to help your process.

Here is to your happiness and success,

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