Phytonutrients Disease Prevention

Phytonutrients and Disease Prevention

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Phytonutrients Disease Prenvention

Epidemiological studies, which consider the incidence and prevalence of disease in populations as opposed to individuals, have shown that low plasma levels of antioxidant micronutrients, which are commonly found in fruit and vegetables, are associated with increased risk for diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and metabolic disorders.

These studies also reveal that even health-conscious Americans often fail to obtain the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in their diets. Phytonutrients disease prevention is something that can be accomplished when the proper vitamins and minerals are consumed on regular basis.

One study tracked the dietary habits of a group of healthy, middle-aged men and woman to assess the effect of supplementation with a natural phytonutrients preparation from fruits and vegetables on plasma levels of various antioxidant micronutrients and oxidative stress. In a rigorous randomized double-blind study, researchers gave subjects a supplement or placebo for a total of fourteen weeks.

Blood levels of beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and folate were measured at the beginning of the study and after seven and fourteen weeks. Fruit and vegetables consumption was monitored by using a food-frequency questionnaire at the beginning of the study and at seven and fourteen weeks.

The research documented significant increased in blood nutrient levels after active supplementation with phytonutrients. Among the subjects who received the supplement, the ranges measured after supplementation often rose to those associated with a reduced risk for disease.

Some researchers speculate that the chronic diseases that beset us as we age, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease, may be attributed to our lack of knowledge about the vital role of phytonutrients in our diet. They assert that as we gain a better understanding of phytonutrients and actively include adequate amounts of them in our diets, we may be able to prevent some of these chronic diseases in much the same way that diseases such as scurvy were eradicated by our appreciation of vitamin C requirements and deficiencies.

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