Best Goji Berry Uses

Goji Berry Uses

Understanding Goji Berry

Goji Berry Uses

For more than two thousand years traditional healers in China have used goji berry, also known as wolfberry or lycium for a variety health issues.* The goji berry has been used to treat everything from male fertility issues, to relieve lower back pain, vision problems, dry skin and dry cough.*

Seeing how the Chinese healers use goji berry has not been enough for the Western world. The Western medical world has yet to accept or prove/disprove the health benefits of goji berry. While there have been both animal and test tube studies conducted, there has not been a large scale human research study completed with goji berry use.

It is believed however that the nutritional value of goji berry, coupled with its antioxidant properties does support health benefits. The exact cases of how to best use goji is still to be determined. The use of goji berry is considered safe for all to consume as it does contain many essential vitamins and minerals.

Antioxidant Properties of Goji Berry

The natural defenders of our trillions of cells are antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds which have the ability to protect our cells from disease by eliminating free radicals and other elements that are damaging to our cells. High levels of antioxidants protecting cells have supports many normal functions within our bodies.*

Goji berry contains high levels of antioxidant activity. Through a comparison of antioxidant activity 500 mg of goji berry has much more antioxidant activity than that of vitamin C. In addition to the high level of antioxidant activity, goji berry is also an excellent source of zeaxanthin.

Zeaxanthin is a special antioxidant that has been linked to supporting ocular function.* It is because of goji berry's content of zeaxanthin that Western medicine believes goji berry has, an continues to be used to treat normal ocular function.*

Goji Berry Supports Normal Blood Glucose & Cardiovascular Function

Beta-sitosterols are found in abundance within goji berries which actually work on the intestinal tract. The beta-sitosterols help to reduce absorption rate within the intestines. This reduced absorption rates helps to support cardiovasular function and normal blood glucose.*

Additional Goji Berry Uses

As the research continues on the human health benefits of goji berry use, there are substances found within goji berry that show promise for having long term human health benefits.

Through animal research, goji berries have been found to contain a specific enzyme which can support digestive function.* Goji berry protects the liver from toxins and other forms of damage by lowering an enzyme within the liver when it is stressed.

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