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Dan Catto's Story

Things didn't always start off easy for Dan, but he now knows his misfortune was a blessing in disguise. Toronto native Dan Catto got his start in the Network Marketing industry in the spring of 1998. After 10 years in the corporate world and 2 years in private business, Dan found his calling in the incredible world of Network Marketing.

Do Not Quit. Become a Wealthy Entrepreneur

The spring of 1998 was a difficult time in Dan's life. He had just suffered through a corporate take-over, a bankruptcy, a divorce and was hospitalized for several months with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Forced to rely on government assistance, Dan had to move back in with his parents at 32 years of age. At what Dan refers to as the "lowest point in my life, he," he knew he would have to start all over again.

It was at this "low" time that Dan answered an ad about network marketing from a stranger in another country. The company was new to Canada and he was representing an industry Dan did not understand. Like many others, his first thought was that it was a scam. Dan now call this initial feeling, "a blessing in disguise."

Dan had nowhere else to go. He couldn't afford to go back into business for himself, and had lost all faith in the corporate world. So, with a leap of faith and the help of his father co-signer, Dan borrowed a few thousand dollars and went to work.

Getting Started in the Industry

What inspired Dan most was a young man he met in those early days that was earning in a month, what the president of his former company was making in a year! The difference in that two that Dan noticed was the president was nearly 60 years old and looked a lot older, while the young man was 25 years old and living a lifestyle of which Dan had only dreamed! By no coincidence, it is the lifestyle that Dan lives today!

Dan's early and ongoing success can be linked to several keys from the very start. First, was the desire to get out of where he was and to go where he had only dreamed. Secondly, he was going to go to work and pay the price. Finally, being teachable was paramount because it was unlike any other vehicle in which Dan had been.

Beginning his business, not from a position of strength, but a huge sense of urgency and fear of loss, Dan built a group of 10,000 distributors through-out North America and Europe in just 5 short years. He was able to earn monthly what he used to earn annually in his best years in the corporate world.

In January 1993, Dan move on for personal reasons and joined another company that was based out of Hong Kong, which involved consumer electronics. In just 3 years he was able to build and even bigger group, this time a group of over 30,000 distributors worldwide. He earned nearly twice as much in a little over half the time as he did with his previous company.

In August 1996 that company filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Dan was forced to move on, and through his due diligence associated himself with a company out of Longmont, Colorado in September 1996. It had been around for just over 3 years and was marketing personal care and nutritional products. At the time, it lacked leadership and a system in the field. Dan had an immediate impact and brought what the company lacked. In a little over 5 years, Dan developed a third group, this time one that grew to over 50,000 distributors.

NHT Global and Dan Catto

Near the end of 2000 the founders of NHT Global can to Dan with a unique "business model" that would be launched as a sister company to the one he was currently leading. This new model was to be able to provide a product and a service to everyone around the world overnight, seamlessly and pay the distributor residual income for life. It had never been done before. However with 21st century technology, the compensation plan, the unique products, and above all, the incredible "business model" they could do it, and just it!

In 10 years, Dan had developed a team of nearly 800,000 distributors worldwide! There are now over 41 millionaires that have been generated with this NHT Global group, plus 10 that have gone over the $100,000 a week in income. The opportunity put Dan into multi-million dollar homes in two countries. Dad says his greatest reward is the countless lives that he has been able to help over the nearly 20+ years in the industry and the opportunity to give back and serve.

Dan has spoken to and trained over a million people in over 50 countries. In the last 20 years he has helped launch markets through-out the Caribbean, Mexico, North America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia and just about all of the former Eastern Block countries. Dan's influence can be found in Central Europe, from Serbia to Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia. He has helped launch and develop virtually every country in Western Europe from Italy to Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and more. Over the years Dan has also spearheaded the business through-out the UK and into the Far East including Japan, Hong Kong and China.

Dan has been written up in countless MLM journals and books such as "Who Stole the American Dream" by Burke Hedges and a "Global Vision" by Raymond Hung.

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