Best Information About Goji Berry

Information About Goji Berry

Goji Berry Background

Information About Goji Berry

Grown on a shrub that is indigenous to China, goji berries have been by traditional Chinese healers for a vast array of health issues. These Chinese healers use goji extracts, tinctures and goji berry juice to treat their patients.

The traditional Chinese healers used goji berry to treat medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and other types of pain. Western medicine is now conducting various studies to show the health benefits of goji berry. These studies are ongoing and continue to show promise, but have not yet provided conclusive proof of their effectiveness.

Function of Goji Berry

Goji berries contain the active substances polysaccharides, betasitosterol and cerebrosides, which are responsible for goji berry's health benefits. The polysaccharides in goji berries, specifically lyceum barbarum polysaccharide, supports healthy immune function and cellular health.* The polysaccharides are also responsible for goji berry's antioxidant effects and actions in supporting normal blood glucose*, triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

The betasitosterol component in goji berries also helps to support a healthy digestive system*. The polysaccharides and erebroside help to promote liver health*. Finally, goji berries also contain zeaxanthin, which can help to support healthy ocular health.*

Scientific Evidence of Goji Berry's Benefits

The research into the health benefits of goji berry is ongoing. To date the majority of the goji research has been conducted on animals with very few research studies completed with human subjects. While the number of studies is limited to humans, the animal studies have shown much promise.

With respect to the liver-protecting abilities of goji berry, a 2002 study showed that the zeaxanthin in goji berry helped to protect the liver in rats, while a 2007 study revealed that goji's polysaccharides prevented rats from developing fatty liver.

In 2004, a study was published that highlighted that goji berries have hypoglycemic, antioxidant and cholesterol lowering effects. These can help those who suffer from diabetes and high cholesterol. In a published 2005 study concluded that goji berries provided neuroprotective effects that may have a the ability to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Based on all these findings as well as the new studies that being published on a frequent basis, you should always consult your family doctor before adding goji berries to your treatment for any aliment. While goji berries may have shown to be effective and have many health benefits, your doctor will know if any conflicts may occur between the medication you are currently taking and goji berry.

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