100 best sex tips

100 Best Sex Tips from 2011

100 Best Sex Tips for 2011

Have the Best Sex of 2012 With These 100 Sex Tips

There are thousands upon thousands of different blogs, articles, magazines, books and TV shows that have the best sex tips. We have gone through as many as we can to put together this great list of the 100 Best Sex Tips for 2011!

Without further delay, or talk about what is best and what is hottest, here are the 100 Best Sex Tips of the year for 2011!

100 Best Sex Tips for 2011

1. Have sex partially clothed, like the sexy characters on True Blood this past season.

2. Send the hottest sex text as agreed to by a panel of men "I need you now!"

3. Writing an essay for GQ, Kelly Oxford swore sex bartering injects the hot. Try this: You do the laundry and your man buys you a new vibrator, gets your arousal up by using Alura, then uses the new vibrator on you!

4. "One should dry-hump as much as possible; it leads to great things." ~Cameron Diaz

5. Jenn Berman, PhD and host of her own radio show The Love and Sex Show, is always asked "What can I do to increase my sex drive?" Her answer? Get more often! We would like to add to that by saying use Alura! It will enhance and make all those time you get more that much better.

6. Role-playing is still something that turns a lot of men on. Surveys have shown that Sailor Moon from childhood is still one guys most want to do.

7. Slip on cashmere gloves, and slowly stroke his member. Then have him return the favor with caressing your parts with Alura.

8. Climb on top, and play with just the tip for a few minutes. Then get up and grab a drink to leave him hanging. When you finally do take him all in, it'll feel like sensory overload for both of you.

9. Blindfolding is hot, and tying a silk scare around his mouth is even hotter. It's unexpected, and there's something so naughty about silencing his moans.

10. Push an exercise ball up against a wall, have him sit on it and bounce on him.

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