100 best sex tips page 2

100 Best Sex Tips from 2011

100 Best Sex Tips for 2011 Page 2

11. Spike a pasta dish with saffron. A 2011 study proved the garnish is an aphrodisiac.

12. A poll conducted by Trojan Condoms revealed that the most adventurous place Americans have had sex is in the car. So grab your bottle of Alura and abuse the backseat of your vehicle.

13. So you may be asking, if the car was the first most adventurous spot for sex, what was second? The answer is someone else's mattress. So go ahead and christen someone else's mattress.

14. Hold a rocket vibrator against the shaft of his penis during oral.

15. Keep your standards high. A recent study revealed that you are more likely to reach orgasm if you are with a "hottie". If you are having issues reaching the Big O, use Alura. Look at what the clinical studies have shown when using Alura. Clinical Studies can be seen here.

16. While in the missionary position by having the woman tilt her hips, there is a better chance the man will hit the woman's G-spot.

17. "There's a playfulness we have; I like the theater of sex. I like to look good. I like [my wife] to dress up." ~Sting

18. A recent study found that low-fat dairy, such as frozen yogurt, slashes belly fat. Pudge in this can area can inhibit a woman to orgasm. If you can't get rid of the belly pudge, cheat and use Alura.

19. Ava Cadell, PhD. says that based on a recent study, guys will lose their desire if they're not mentally turned on. So to combat this, keep them engaged with a position that packs an X-rated view, such as reverse cowgirl.

20. Dabs drops of lube all over his penis, then use your fingers to connect the dots until he's all slicked up. Then guys, add a bit of Alura to her clitoris and once she is completely aroused, enjoy.

21. The age old doing it on a washing machine. The woman sits on the edge of the washing machine and wraps her legs around her man. A hint is the cotton cycle produces the strongest vibrations.

22. Guys do not forget about your woman's nipples. Scientists have discovered that nipple sensations activate the same area of the brain as sensations from the vagina.

23. Tease your man with you tongue, then direct a hand held fan to the areas that you licked. Have him return the favor on you too.

24. Tie your man on his back, then use shoelaces to tie a remote-controlled vibrator to the shaft of his penis and play with the speeds.

25. There was a reason Brokeback Mountain was made, and maybe this was it. According to research in A Billion Wicked Thoughts, straight women get off from watching male romances.

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