Alura Cream Reduces Varicoceles

Alura Cream Reduces Varicoceles without Surgery

Improve Male Subfertility

When the topic of infertility is discussed, too often the reasons for infertility is associated with the woman. However 1 in 4 men suffer from male subfertility, in fact 40-60% off all infertility issues are related to factors dealing with sperm count.

Male subfertility is usually caused by abnormal sperm in the semen that do not have the ability to reach the unfertilized egg in the fallopian tube. The abnormal sperm are caused by additional heat in the scrotum because of varicose veins. The heat directly effects the production of healthy sperm reducing a man's ability to impregnate his partner. This condition is called Varicoceles.

Traditionally to eliminate Varicoceles is through surgery. The surgeons remove the varicose veins to allow the proper development of healthy sperm and improving feritity. If surgery is not an option couples can turn to labratory processing of the semen sample.

These labratory processes known as Intra Uterine Insemination and InVitro Fertilization capacitize the sperm. Both treatments require 6-12 months of treatment and can be financially taxing. While these process are conducted on a regular basis there is another way in which couples can improve sperm capacitization and increase their fertility rates.

Through clinical studies it has been found that Alura from NHT Global has increased fertility rates in couples, even with males who have Varicoceles. Alura works by increasing vaginal lubrication and improving sperm capacitization in the vagina. With the increase in health sperm capacitization couples experienced increases in their fertility rates. Watch this short video to get more information on how to reduce the effect of Varicoceles on fertility.

Reduce Varicoceles with Alura