We Are

Building. Since 2006

Engineered Lifestyles has been an Independent Distributor of NHT Global since 2006. We continue to build our NHT Global business and organization across all markets offered with this global opportunity.

We are currently seeking leaders to help further develop this publicly traded, international opportunity. If you are interested in total wellness, take a moment now to learn more about NHT Global and the opportunities it presents.

There is a reason we have been and continue to build with the same company since 2006. Let our actions speak louder then anything we can say.

We Have

A Global Opportunity

You are the creator of everything that is around you. Your thoughts, your continuous actions and how you continue to grow plays the defining role in creating your lifestyle. Learning how to create exactly what you want is a skill not everyone utilizes.

We are fortunate to experience this on a daily basis and we want to share with you. Contact us today to see if there is a suitable fit with what we are doing within NHT Global and what you want to achieve.

We Offer

Support & Experience

Engineered Lifestyles continues to assemble a dynamic and global team. Longevity and stability within one opportunity exhibits our level of satisfaction within NHT Global.

Being part of our team allows you the ability to draw from our experience within the same opportunity since 2006. This knowledge is available to utilize as a tool as you begin building your own NHT Global business.

Surround yourself with our team to leverage our combined knowledge and experience. Quickly learn to duplicate the successes we have experienced through mentoring and one-on-one training.

Why Choose Us

Our History

Engineered Lifestyles prides ourselves on providing the ultimate value to our team members through our leadership and experience. Our success is based on our team member’s realization of their goals. Accountability is demanded in all aspects of our business. Through teamwork, actions deliver desired results, which creates the destiny we live.


Total Wellness

Your total wellness begins with your physical well being. Our bodies must be healthy to complete the tasks required and to enjoy the lifestyle that we want to live. This step must be completed before any other. Your healthy lifestyle starts here.

Personal Development

Personal development is continuous and compounding in both your personal and entrepreneurial life. As you develop yourself, all aspects of your life will improve. Our world revolves around human interactions. Learning how to benefit from these all these interactions.

Personal Freedoms

Having personal freedoms and time with which to enjoy them is coveted by millions. How you define your freedoms will be different for each one of us, and it is this, which makes life so fulfilling; everyone is different. However, with uniqueness there can be confusion as to the steps to take, and even hardships for the best way to obtain your personal freedoms. Becoming informed is always the best approach to eliminate any confusion and take to action. With a proper plan, you can create the abundance you and your family seek.


Support is paramount to success. Experience brings knowledge and it is here that you benefit most. Drawing from this experience allows personal mentoring to facilitate a learning environment for maximizing your physical wellness and personal freedoms. Consistent action is required to achieve your goals, as there are no shortcuts to success. Working within a successful team however can burden some of the load. Start benefiting from the support Engineered Lifestyles can offer you in journey.